Number memory

  1. How about 0
    The number zero begins with ‘z’, and a backward ‘z’ is like an ‘s’
  2. How about 1
    A typewritten ‘t’ or ‘d’ has 1 down-stroke
  3. How about 2
    The letter ‘n’ has two down-strokes
  4. How about 3
    The letter ‘m’ has three down-strokes
  5. How about 4
    The number four ends in the letter ‘r’
  6. How about 5
    Five fingers form an ‘L’ shape
  7. How about 6
    A j looks like a backward six. And ja rhymes with ch and sh.
  8. How about 7
    A ‘K’ can be made with two back-to-back sevens
  9. How about 8
    A lower-case ‘f’ looks like an eight
  10. How about 9
    A 9 looks like a backward ‘p’ or an upside-down ‘b’
  11. How would you memorize letters like a, b and c?
    Hay Bee See
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Number memory
Number memory