English Six weeks test review.txt

  1. It's raining cats and dogs.
  2. Smurfs sing silly songs
  3. Rubik's Cube! Why can't I solve you?
  4. I have a ton of homework.
  5. men fighting at a peace rally
  6. My mind is a little cloudy on that issue.
  7. BOOM!
  8. jumbo shrimp
  9. The sun smiled from behing the cloud.
  10. Life is like a box of chocolates.
  11. The prefix "in", as in insoluable or insincere, means
  12. We get the word "uban" from the Latin word urbs, which means
  13. The word inhospitable means
    unwelcoming, not livable
  14. The word jubilation means
  15. The word dislike means
    Not liking
  16. The word populate means
    To provide with people to live there
  17. The prefix "re" as in regernerate or remarry, means
  18. The word obituary means death notice, which makes sense when you know that the Latin word obitus means
  19. The word emphasize means
    to stress a point
  20. The word biology means
    the study of life
  21. The word defrost means
    to undo frost
  22. The word hydraulic means operated bu means of water. This makes sense when you know that the Greek word hydraulis means
    a water organ
  23. We get the word secluded from the Middle English word secluden, which means
    to set apart
  24. The Latin word dictare means to speak, which is the reason our word "dictate" means
    to give orders
  25. twelth or twelfth
  26. tyranny or tyrany
  27. NOT a conflict in the play?
    Anne vs. he father
  28. What detail from the play supports the theme, "People are good at heart"?
    the actions of Mr. Kraler
  29. A symbol of the pleasures of a past life that is no more?
    Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat
  30. Theme of the play?
    It is better to forget the past than remember painful times.
  31. There were many symbols in The Diary of Anne Frank. What does the yellow star symbolize?
  32. Who was the main character/protagonist?
    Anne Frank
  33. Who was stealing food in the middle of the night?
    Peter's dad
  34. What was Mr. Dussel's occupation prior to entering the annex?
  35. Who gave Anne her diary?
    Her father
  36. Margot was Anne's...
  37. Anne ruined what belonging of Mrs. Van Daan?
    her fur coat
  38. Why does Anne give Mr. Dussel a pair of ear plugs for Hanukah?
    Because she has nightmares
  39. Who: The protagonist, writes everything in her diary.
    Anne Frank
  40. Who:Anne's older sister, quiet and well mannered.
    Margot Frank
  41. Who:Who Anne wants to talk to after her nightmare.
    Mr. Frank
  42. Who:Blows up at Mr. Van Daan in the middle fo the night when she discvered his secret
    Mrs. Frank
  43. Who:Anne shares her first kiss with him
    Peter Van Daan
  44. Who:Has "pretty legs"
    Mrs. Vaan Daan
  45. Who:A large man, who apparently needs more food than others
    Mr. Van Daan
  46. Who:The last annex resident to arrive, shares a room with Anne
    Mr. Dussel
  47. Who:Greets Mr. Frank when he arrives back at the annex after all the other annex residents have died
    Miep Gies
  48. Who:Has to go in the hospital with ulcers.
    Mr. Kraler
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