New England Mid Atlantic

  1. The fish that is recognized as a symbol of the region's natural heritage
  2. The "three sisters" that the Native Americans relied upon were
    Corn, squash, and beans
  3. The main beverages of the early settlers included
    Cider and ale
  4. Which of the following states is not part of New England?
    - New Hampshire
    - Maryland
    - Connecticut
    - Vermont
  5. What state is one of the top dairy producers in the nation?
    New York
  6. New Jersey is one of the top ten states in production of all but the following?
    - Blueberries
    - Peaches
    - Lettuce
    - Mushrooms
  7. What settlers are famous for food that is considered "plain and plenty?"
    French Huguenots
  8. Perdue Farms is famous for distinctive yellow gold skin color of their chickens because
    The addition of marigold petal extract to the diet
  9. The word "chowder" comes from the French word for
    Hot water
  10. How long does a shell stock tag have to be kept?
    90 days
  11. What is a poussin?
    A baby chicken weighing 14-16 ounces
  12. What are the byssus mussels?
    What the mussels use to anchor themselves to a growing source, inedible and must be removed before cooking, and also know as beards
  13. How are oysters named?
    According to the bay or town they are associated with
  14. How do Main lobsters differ from rock lobster?
    The size and weight of the claws
  15. How is maple syrup produced?
    A tap is put onto the tree and liquid comes out. The liquid is then simmered down to maple syrup.
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