med term 11

  1. ARMD
    age-related macular degeneration
  2. Ast
  3. D
    diopter (lens strength)
  4. ECCE
    extracapsular cataract extraction
  5. Em
  6. EOM
    extraocular movement
  7. IOL
    intraocular lens
  8. IOP
    intraocular pressure
  9. mix astig
    mixed astigmatism
  10. MVR
    mitral valve replacement; massive vitreous retraction (blade)
  11. AC
    air conduction
  12. AD
    right ear
  13. AS
    left ear
  14. AU
    both ears
  15. BC
    bone conduction
  16. Myop
  17. OD
    right eye
  18. O.D.
    doctor of Optometry
  19. OS
    left eye
  20. OU
    both eyes
  21. REM
    rapid eye movement
  22. SICS
    small incision cataract surgery
  23. ST
  24. VA
    visual acuity
  25. VF
    visual field
  26. XT
  27. ENT
    ear, nose, & throat
  28. NIHL
    noise-induced hearing loss
  29. OM
    otitis media
  30. PE
    physical examination; pulmonary embolism; pressure equalizing (tube)
  31. achromatopsia
    congenital deficiency in color perception; aka color blindness
  32. astigmatism
    defective curvature of th cornea & lens, which causes light rays to focus unevenly over the retina rather than being focused on a single point, resulting in a distorted image
  33. cataract
    degenerative disease in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively cloudy, causing decreased vision
  34. conjunctivitis
    inflammation of the conjunctiva that can be caused by bacteria, allergy, irritation, or a foreign body; aka pinkeye
  35. diabetic retinopathy
    retinal damage marked by aneurysmal dilation and bleeding of blood vessels or the formation of new blood vessels, causing visual changes
  36. glaucoma
    condition in which aqueous humor fails to drain properly & accumulates in the anterior chamber of the eye, causing elevated intraocular pressure (IOP)
  37. open-angle
    most common form of glaucoma that results from degenerative changes thatcause congestion & reduce flow of aqueous humor through the canal of Schlemm
  38. closed-angle
    type of glaucoma caused by an anatomically narrow angle between iris & cornea, which prevents outflow of aqueous humor from the eye into the lymphatic system, causing a sudden increase in IOP
  39. hordeolum
    small, purulent inflammatory infection of a sebaceous gland of the eyelid; aka sty
  40. macular degeneration
    breakdown of the tissues in the macula, resulting in loss of central vision
  41. photophobia
    unusual intolerance & sensitivity to light
  42. retinal detachment
    separation of the retina from the choroid, which disrupts vision & results in blindness if not repaired
  43. strabismus
    muscular eye disorder in which the eyes turn from the normal position so that they divate in different directions
  44. esotropia
    strabismus in which there is deviation of the visual axis of one eye toward that of the other eye, resulting in diplopia; aka cross-eye & convergent strabismus
  45. exotropia
    strabismus in which there is deviation of the visual axis of one eye away from that of the other eye, resulting in diplopia; aka wall-eye & divergent strabismus
  46. acoustic neuroma
    benign tumor that develops from the eighth cranial (vestibulocochlear) nerve & grows w/in the auditory canal
  47. hearing loss
    decreased ability to perceive sounds compared to what the individual or examiner would regard as normal
  48. anacusis
    total deafness (complete hearing loss)
  49. conductive
    hearing loss due to an impairment in the transmission of sound because of an obstruction of the ear canal or damage to the eardrum or ossicles
  50. Meniere disease
    rare disorder of unknown etiology w/in the labyrinth of the inner ear that can lead to a progressive loss of hearng
  51. otitis media (OM)
    inflammation of the middle ear, which is commonly the result of an upper respiratory infection (URI)
  52. serous
    noninfectious inflammation of the middle ear w/ accumulation of serum (clear fluid)
  53. suppurative
    inflammation of the middle ear w/ pus formation
  54. otosclerosis
    progressive deafness due to ossification in the bony labyrinth of the inner ear
  55. presbycusis
    impairment of hearing that results from the aging process
  56. tinnitus
    ringing or tinkling noise heard constantly or intermittently in one or both ears, even in a quiet environment
  57. vertigo
    sensation of moving around in space or a feeling of spinning or dizziness
  58. tonometry
    procedure used to detect glaucoma that measures intraocular pressure by determining the resistanc of the eyeball to indentation by an applied force
  59. visual acuity test
    standard eye examination to determine the smallest letters a person can read on a Snellen chart, or E chart, at a distance of 20 feet
  60. audiometry
    test that measures hearing acuity at various sound frequencies
  61. otoscopy
    visual examination of the external auditory canal & the tympanic membrane using an otoscope
  62. pneumatic
    otoscopic procedure that assesses the ability of the tympanic membrane to move in response to a change in air pressure
  63. Rinne test
    hearing acuity test performed w/ a vibrating tuning fork that is first placed on the mastoid process & then in front of the external auditory canal to test bone & air conduction
  64. cataract surgery
    excision of a lens affected by a cataract
  65. extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE)
    excision of the anterior segment of the lens capsule along w/ the lens, allowing for the insertion of an intraocular lens implant
  66. phacoemulsification
    excision of the lens by ultrasonic vibrations that beak the lens into tiny particles, which are suctioned out of the eye; aka small incision cataract surgery (SICS)
  67. corneal transplant
    surgical transplantation of a donor cornea (from a cadaver) into the eye of a recipient; aka keratoplasty
  68. iridectomy
    excision of a portion of the iris used to relieve intraocular pressure in patients w/ glaucoma
  69. cochlear implant
    electronic transmitter surgically implanted into the cochlea of a deaf person to restore hearing
  70. myringoplasty
    surgical repair of a perforated eardrum w/ a tissue graft; aka tympanoplasty
  71. myringotomy
    incision of the eardrum to relieve pessure & release pus or serous fluid from the middle ear or to insert PE tubes (tympanostomy tubes) in the eardrum via surgery
  72. acous/o
  73. audi/o
  74. audit/o
  75. aden/o
  76. blephar/o
  77. choroid/o
  78. chromat/o
  79. cochle/o
  80. corne/o
  81. dacry/o
    tear; lacrimal apparatus (duct, sac, or gland)
  82. lacrim/o
    tear; lacrimal apparatus (duct, sac, or gland)
  83. dipl/o
  84. erythr/o
  85. my/o
  86. neur/o
  87. -ectomy
    removal, excision
  88. -plasty
    surgical repair
  89. -acusis
  90. -algia, -dynia
  91. -edema
  92. irid/o
  93. kerat/o
    horny tissue; hard; cornea
  94. myring/o
    tympanic membrane (eardrum)
  95. tympan/o
    tympanic membrane (eardrum)
  96. ocul/o
  97. ophthalm/o
  98. ot/o
  99. retin/o
  100. salping/o
    tube (usually fallopian or eustachian [auditory] tubes)
  101. scler/o
    hardening, sclear (white of eye)
  102. presby/o
    old age
  103. ton/o
  104. xanth/o
  105. -tomy
  106. -pathy
  107. -ptosis
    prolapse, downward displacement
  108. -rrhexis
  109. -itis
  110. -logist
    specialist in study of
  111. -logy
    study of
  112. -malacia
  113. -metry
    act of measuring
  114. -oma
  115. -opia
  116. -opsia
  117. -osis
    abnormal condition; increase (used primarily w/ blood cells)
  118. a-
    w/out, not
  119. ana-
    against; up; back
  120. dipl-
  121. -salpinx
    tube (usually fallopian or eustachian [auditory] tubes)
  122. -scope
    instrument for examining
  123. -scopy
    visual examination
  124. -spasm
    involuntary contraction, twitching
  125. -stenosis
    narrowing, stricture
  126. -tomy
  127. -tropia
  128. eso-
  129. exo-
    outside, outward
  130. hyper-
    excessive, above normal
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