Escoffier Sauce & Stock Basics

  1. What is the minimum cooking time for Estoufade (brown stock)
    12 hours
  2. What is the recommended cooking time for White Stock
    3 hours
  3. What is the recommended cooking time for fish stock
    30 minutes
  4. Stocks that are made in a reduced form by adding less liquid in the process of making a stock are known as?
  5. Stocks made from meat poultry or fish that are reduced to a syrupy consistency.
  6. What are the three types of roux and what are they used for?
    Brown: for brown sauces, Blonde: for cream sauces and veloutes, White: for bechamel and white sauces.
  7. What is the recommended cooking time for Espagnole Sauce?
    5 hours
  8. What are the two ingredients in roux?
    sifted flour and clarified butter
  9. brown roux, brown stock, salt belly of pork, carrots, onions, thyme, bay, tomato puree, white wine
  10. brown roux, fish stock, carrot, onion, mushroom trimmings, butter, thyme, bay, white wine, tomato puree
    Espagnole Maigre (fish espagnole)
  11. Espagnole that is reduced by simmering and skimming, meat glaze is added at the last moment. can be flavored with wines such as sherry, port, madiera...
    Sauce Demi-Galce
  12. reduced brown veal stock, arrowroot
    Jus de Veau Lie (thickened veal gravy)
  13. blonde roux, white veal stock
    Ordinary Veloute (Blanche Grasse)
  14. Chicken Veloute
    Veloute de Voillae (Chicken Veloute)
  15. blonde roux and fish stock
    Veloute de Poission (Fish Veloute)
  16. veloute, white stock, mushroom cooking liquor, egg yolks, nutmeg, lemon juice, pepper, butter.
    Sauce Allemande
  17. veloute, white chicken stock, mushroom cooking liquor, cream, butter. (or ordinary veloute finished with cream)
    Sauce Supreme
  18. white roux, milk, lean veal, onions, thyme, butter, pepper, nutmeg, salt
    Sauce Bechamel
  19. brown roux, salt belly of pork, tomato puree, white stock, carrot, onion, bay leaf, thyme, garlic, salt, sugar,
    Sauce Tomate
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Escoffier Sauce & Stock Basics
Escoffier Sauce & Stock Basics