Culinary Pork

  1. Meat from hogs that are less than 1 year old
  2. How old is a pig when it is sold as suckling?
    4-6 weeks old
  3. What is the weight of a dressed suckling pig
    20-35 lbs
  4. A 4-6 week old pig that weighs 20-35 lbs dressed.
    Suckling Pig
  5. What are the 5 primal cuts of pork?
    Picnic Shoulder, Shoulder Butt, Loin, Leg, and Belly
  6. Primal cut of pork that is the lower half of the shoulder of a hog. It is about 9% of the total carcass weight.
    Picnic Shoulder
  7. Fabricated cut from the upper part of the foreleg that includes a portion of the shoulder. It resembles a ham in shape but is smaller, contains more bones and less meat.
  8. This primal is a compact square area of the shoulder located just above the front leg of a hog. It is about 8% of the total carcass weight.
    Shoulder Butt
  9. The smoked boneless meat extracted from the blade section of the shoulder butt.
    Cottage Ham
  10. Rectangular slab of fat that contains a few strips of lean meat located just above the the shoulder butt.
    Clear Plate
  11. Clear plate that has been cured in salt and is used as a flavoring in dishes such as beans and bitter greens..
    Salt Pork
  12. Primal cut of pork that extends the greater part of the backbone from the 2nd rib to be beginning of the leg. It is approximately 18% of the total carcass weight.
  13. A long thin strip of meat taken from the underside of the pork loin.
  14. Meaty bones that are 3" to 6" long on the rib end of the pork loin and are curbed where they meet the backbone.
    Baby Back Ribs
  15. Baby Back ribs contain how many ribs?
    11 to 13
  16. A whole pork loin with the baby back ribs attached is called what?
    Standing Rib Roast
  17. Trimmed, pressed and smoked boneless loin of pork.
    Canadian Bacon
  18. Layer of fat that runs on top of the loin. It can be used to flavor dishes, or added to to sausage or ground pork.
  19. Lard is usually rendered from this
  20. Also known as a ham this primal cut of pork is composed of the hind thigh and buttock of a hog. It is about 24% of the total carcass weight.
  21. Italian dry cured ham that is sliced thin and used to make hors d'oeuvres or appetizers.
  22. This primal cut is the lower portion of the hog between the shoulder and leg. It's average weight is 19% of the total carcass.
  23. Long narrow ribs and breastbone of a hog.
  24. A full rack of spareribs contains how many bones?
  25. Fatty slab of meat and skin from the side and belly of a hog.
    Pork Belly
  26. Side pork that has been cured and usually smoked.
  27. Thin cut bacon has how many strips per pound?
    22 to 26
  28. Regular cut bacon has how many strips per pound?
    16 to 20
  29. Thick cut bacon has how many strips per pound?
    12 to 16
  30. Also known as Italian bacon this is unsmoked pork belly that has been cured in salt and spices such as nutmeg and pepper and then dried for a few months.
  31. Meat from the cheek of a hog
  32. These are cut from the lower part of a hogs front and hind legs.
  33. Spiced, pressed and jellied meat from the head of a hog. The tongue, heart, feet and other quality trimmings may also be included.
  34. Hog intestines that have been emptied and thoroughly rinsed before being fried.
  35. Dry cured pork should be stored at this temperature
    40 F or below
  36. What is often done to salt pork before it is used as a flavoring and why is it done?
    It is blanched to extract excess salt.
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