1. -able/-ible*
    capable of ex: remarkable
  2. -ac/-al/-an/-ar/-ary/-eal/-ic/-ive/-tic*
    pertaining to ex: fundal/pancreatic
  3. -ase
    enzyme ex: amylase
  4. -algia
    pain ex: myalgia
  5. -cele
    hernia (protrusion of organ through its containing wall) ex: cystocele
  6. -centesis
    procedure to aspirate fluid ex:paracentesis
  7. -ectasia/-ectasis
    dilation ex:telangiectasia
  8. -ectomy
    excision or removal ex: appendectomy
  9. -edema
    swelling ex: lymphedema
  10. -emesis
    vomiting ex: hematemesis
  11. -emia
    blood ex: anemia
  12. -genic/-genesis*
    beginning/producing ex: osteogenic
  13. -gram
    record ex: cholangiogram
  14. -graph
    instrument for recording ex: polygraph
  15. -graphy
    process of recording ex: echocardiography
  16. -ia/-iasis
    condition ex:psoriasis
  17. -ism
    condition ex:botulism
  18. -ist
    one who psychologist
  19. -itis
    inflammation ex:pancreatitis
  20. -kinesia/-kinesis
    movement/motion ex:hypokinesis
  21. -logist
    specialist ex:radiologist
  22. -logy
    study of ex:pathology
  23. -lysis
    loosening/freeing/breaking apart/destroying ex:adhesiolysis
  24. -lytic*
    pertaining to destruction ex:hemolytic
  25. -malacia
    softening ex:chondromalacia
  26. -mania
    preoccupation ex:pyromania
  27. -megaly
    enlargement ex:cardiomegaly
  28. -meter
    instrument to measure ex:glucometer
  29. -metry
    process of measuring ex:geometry
  30. -oid
    resembling ex:adenoid
  31. -oma
    tumor ex:lymphoma
  32. -opia
    vision ex:diplopia
  33. -ose
    sugar ex:glucose
  34. -osis
    condition* ex:ptosis
  35. -ous
    pertaining to/ characterized by ex:mucous
  36. -pathy
    disease or abnormality ex:adenopathy
  37. -penia
    deficiency ex:osteopenia
  38. -pexy
    surgical fixation ex:cystopexy
  39. -phagia/-gic/-gy
    eating/swallowing ex:dysphagia
  40. -phasia
    speech ex:dysphasia
  41. -phobia
    abnormal fear ex:agoraphobia
  42. -plasty
    surgical repair ex:arthroplasty
  43. -plegia
    paralysis ex:paraplegia
  44. -rrhage/-rrhagia
    excessive flow or discharge ex:hemorrhage
  45. -rrhaphy
    suture ex:herniorrhaphy
  46. -rrhea
    flow or discharge ex:diarrhea
  47. -rrhexis
    rupture capsulorrhexis
  48. -sclerosis
    hardening ex:atherosclerosis
  49. -scopy
    examination with an instrument ex:colonoscopy
  50. -spasm
    twitching ex:bronchospasm
  51. -stasis
    stopping ex:hemostasis
  52. -stomy
    forming of an opening ex:tracheostomy
  53. -tome
    an instrument for cutting ex:osteotome
  54. -tomy
    incision (cutting into) ex:craniotomy
  55. -tripsy
    surgical crushing ex:lithotripsy
  56. -trophic*/-trophy
    nutrition ex:hypertrophy
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