kin 140 ch 3 stress

  1. psychoneuroimmunology
    science focus on relationship between mind's response to stress and functioning of immune system
  2. stress
    mental and physical responses to demands placed upon us
  3. stressor
    physical, social or mental event or condition that forces us to adjust to it
  4. adaptive response
    form of adjustment in which the mind and body attmept to restore homeostatis
  5. GAS general adaption syndrome
    • alarm
    • resistence
    • exhaustion
  6. hypothalamus
    contorl SNS and directs stress response
  7. ACTH
    pituitary hormone that stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete cortisol
  8. conflict
    simultaneous existence of incompatible demands, opportunities, needs or goals
  9. background distressors
    environmental stressors
  10. cognitive stress system
    recognizes stressors, evalues them and makes decision about how to cope with them
  11. psychological hardiness
    personality characteristic characterized by control, commitment, challenge, choices and connectedness
  12. stress inoculation
    technique that helps people prepare for stressful events ahead of time
  13. downshifting
  14. Change the way you think
    • worry constructively
    • looking at life as being fluid
    • consider alternatives
    • have moderate expectation
    • focus on positive
  15. time mangement
    • never handle papers more than once
    • avoid interruptions
    • reward yourself for being efficient
    • prioritize your tasks
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