kin 140 ch 2

  1. psycholosocial health
    the mental, emotional, social and spiritual
  2. mental health
    thinking part (values, attitudes, and beliefs)
  3. interconnectedness
    a web of connections, including our relationship to ourselves, to others, and to a larger meaning or purpose in life
  4. mindfulness
    awareness and acceptance of the reality of the present moment
  5. self-esteem
    sense of self-respect
  6. learned helplessness
    attitude of giving up
  7. resiliency
    traits or characteristics that protect an individual or community from threat or harm
  8. subjective well-being
    • satisfaction w/ present life
    • postive emotions
    • absence of negative emotions
  9. endogenous depression
    biochemical basis
  10. anxiety disorders
    persistent feelings of threat and anxiety in coping with everyday problems
  11. schizophrenia
    irrational behaviours, severe alteration of the senses
  12. obsessive-compulsive disorder
    obsessive thoughts or habitual behaviours
  13. psychiatrist
    medical doctor - specializes in treatment mental and emotional disorders
  14. psychoanalyst
    a psychiatrist pr psychologist with special training in psychoanalysis
  15. psychologist
    PhD or doctorate
  16. social worker
    master's degree and clincial training
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