Needle sizes

  1. Intradermal
    • Syringe/needle- 1ml\25-29 gauge\ 1/4-5/8 inch length needle (TB) Tuberculin syringe.
    • Angle- 5-15 degree angle with bevel up, no aspiration or massage.
    • Sites- Inner forearm, upper back.
    • volume- Dose:usually 0.1 ml.
    • Aspirate -NO.
    • Meds- TB and other skin tests.
  2. Subcutaneous
    • Syringe\needle- 1-3ml syringe\25-31 gauge\ 1/2-5/8 inch length needle.
    • Angle-45-90 degree angle (if obese may need 90 degree angle).
    • sites -abdomen, upper-outter armsm upper outter thighs, and upper back.
    • volume-0.5-1ml.
    • aspirate- YES except heparin and insulin.
    • meds- insulin, heparin.
  3. Intramuscular
    • Syringe/needle- 3ml syringe\ 20-25 gauge \5/8-3 inch length needle.(Depends on the med, location, &pt size).
    • angle- 90 degree angle unless thin, then can be 45 deg angle.
    • Sites- Deltoid: 0.5ml-1ml\23-25 gauge\ 5/8-1 inch length needle.
    • Dorsogluteal:1-3ml\20-23 gauge\1.5-3 inch length needle.
    • Ventrogluteal: (safest site) 1-5ml\ 20-23 gauge\1.5-2.5 inch length needle.
    • Vastus Lateralis: 1-3ml\21-25 gauge\ 5/8-1.5 inch length needle.
    • Volume- up to 3ml(1ml in deltoid, larger amount must be a large muscles, max =5ml.
    • Aspirate-YES.
    • Meds- Demorol, Flu shots, Vitamin B12
  4. z-track
    • Syringe\needle-3ml syringe/at least 11/2 inch needle (3 inch required for some meds and obese pts).
    • angle- 90 degree angle after skin pulled to the side.
    • Sites- large muscle(dorsogluteal or ventrogluteal).
    • Volume- up to 3ml.
    • Aspirate- YES.
    • Meds- Imferon, Vistaril.
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