history ch 11

  1. developent of american newspaper
    • newspaper for elite relied on gov to increase revenue funded to promote political beliefs party press
    • penny press
    • New York sun
    • yellow jounalism
  2. party press
    first stage arms of competing political factors
  3. penny press
    cost a penny vs 6 cents for ordinary citizens
  4. New york sun
    was marketed tothe common man and popular cuz became a true mass medium
  5. yellow journalism
    featured sensationalism comics
  6. 1/3 of all radiostations
    were affiliated with a network
  7. who has weaker signals and risk of facing financial problems?
    stations not affiliated with a network
  8. how many house holds have tv
    99% and 1/3 have 4 or more
  9. tv is unique becuase
    can show events live and its visual content conveys a sense of legitimacy to viewers to increase emotional appeal
  10. internet is tied directly to the
    explosive growth of personal computers and gadgets
  11. elected officials maintain web pages to
    provide into and enable citizens to reach them directly
  12. describe functions of the media
    • entertainment -negative potrayal to officials
    • entertainment and news blend
    • surveillance
    • investigative reporting
    • interpret
  13. entertainment and news blended in order to
    appeal to a broader audience and generate money for the network
  14. surveillance
    • functions as watch dog
    • not all positive
    • over reporting crime gives a false sence of amount of criminal activty
  15. investigative reporters
    probe to find a serious problem but contriversial beucase they go too far and should respect individuals privacy
  16. interpreturs
    • put events into context and help people to understand complexities of the world
    • "framing"
    • ex civil rights movemet
    • rosa park was victum and hero instead of law breaker
  17. describe how jounalists report the news
    • agenda setting
    • media is gatekeeper
    • concerns to media selecting stories with no checks and balances
    • white house press secretary supplies media with information
    • press release
    • news confrences
    • courts
  18. media is a gatekeeper beucase
    they allow certain stories to get to the public agenda by sidlining others
  19. politicians and media
    need each other beucase the president creates photo ops that are release to the press that are favorable to the whitehouse.
  20. press release/news briefings
    • routine ways to relsease news
    • officials present info to reporters
  21. news confrences
    • are direct opportunities for the president to speak to the press nd public
    • number has declined in the age of investigative reporting
  22. the court gets how much media coverage
    • the least amount
    • we look more at the rulings of specific cases in their court
  23. describe centralization of ownership
    • media ownership
    • newspaper owenership-monopolie
    • ownership restriction
    • prior censorship
    • equal time rule
    • telecommunication act of 1996
    • libertarien view
  24. media owenership
    nationalization of news tends to promote sameness of opionion and experiences
  25. newspaper ownership
    • moved toward monopolies
    • concern: news comes frm national news services and there is no competition between papers to show more point of views
  26. monopolies
    single news firms that contoll all the media given to the public
  27. cross media
    corporations own newspaper, tv and radio stations
  28. ownership restriction- libel law
    designed to protect the reputations of individuals from false reporting
  29. -prior censorship
    • the power of the gov to prohibt in aedvance the publication of certain material
    • Threat of punishment after publication in order to keep the press in line
  30. equal time rule
    requires broadcast media to offer all major CANIDATES all equal air time.
  31. telecommunications act of 1996
    deregulated ownership restrictions to make broadcast media more compeitive
  32. libertarian view of media
    media should show what they think the public wants
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