US History Test 3

  1. "Good Neighbor Policy"
    It's basically a reveral of the Roosevelt Corollary. We aren't to interneve anymore, we will stay out.
  2. Adolf Hitler
    Was a Veteran of WW1. Hitler rises to power in the 30s. He said all he wanted was peace. He violates the Treaty of Versailles, first secretley then openly.
  3. Fascism
    Fascism comes about in Italy, under a man named Benito Mussolini. Hitler copies this. Fascism is national.
  4. Merchants of Death
    Book about how bankers and business owners go us into WW1. The Nye Committee, Senate Committee, investigated the conspiracy of business men getting us into the war. They found no clear evidence that this was true.
  5. Neutrality Acts
    • Series of laws passed under FDR. These laws were designed to keep us out of WW1. Laws that are set up to try to prevent what happened in the situation of WW1.
    • 1. President must prohibit the sell of arms to any belligerent country.
    • 2. Americans are prohibited of sailing on ships with belligerent countries.
    • 3. No loans or credit to nations at war.
    • 4. If a nation at war wants to buy stuff or ours, other than arms, then they must pay cash and carry it out on their ships. "cash and carry"
    • 5. These laws are 1 reason we get into the war.
  6. Munich Conference
    1938, It really all comes down to the British. The British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, was convinced that Hitler was a man of his word. he thought it wasn't worth going to war over. This was an appeasement, Neville giving into Hitler. He was buying peace at the expense of Czech. Hitler then goes after all of Czech.
  7. Nazi-Soviet Pact
    In 1939 Hitler and Stalin make a deal not to fight each other. This pact divided up Poland, there were going to attack them and Germany gets western Poland, and the Soviets get Eastern Poland.
  8. "Phony War"
    After Hitler and the Soviets attack Poland and conquer it everyone knew that France would soon be attacked. But nothing happens, and this is known as the Phony War.
  9. Dunkirk
    Hitler takes Paris in June of 1940 and an entire British Army that had come to help France is trapped at Dunkirk. Winston Churchill (War time Prime Minister) sends everyone under the direction of the Royal navy to rescue his soldiers. This is successful.
  10. Battle of Britian
    After the Dunkirk rescue, Hitler sends his Air Force at Britian and the RAF (Royal Air Force) defends them and wins the Battle of Britian.
  11. America First Committee
    This committee was committed to keeping us out of WW2. Lindbergh thought that the German powers were unbeatable. Millions of members. We slowly fault away from the neutrality laws to help the British.
  12. Selective Service Act
    This took place in 1940, it was our first draft during peace.
  13. Lend-Lease Act
    Allowed us to help Britian in any way we could, other than going to war. Critics of this law said war was inevitable if it passed. We also help the Soviet Union as well.
  14. "buzzing" submarines
    Nazi shops are everywhere and are sinking ships. If the US found a ship they would stay with it and tell Britian to come kill it.
  15. Atlantic Charter
    • FDR and Churchill meet secretly. They release the Atlantic Charter, which is a boiled down 14 points. Says every person in the world should have 4 freedoms
    • Speech
    • Worship
    • From Want
    • From Fear
  16. Election of 1940
    • Rep: Wendell Willkie
    • Dem: FDR, VP Henry Wallace
    • People believed that Wallace was a Soviet Agent.
    • Again republicans are saying "me to". Willkie is now saying that FDR is tryin to get us in the war. This was affective.
    • FDR then says "Your Boys are not Going to Be Sent into any Foreign Wars".
    • FDR wins by a landslide.
  17. Panay Incident
    • Japs are mad with us. They think China is theirs to naturally exploit. The Open Door Poilicy is really what upsets them.
    • They take over a section of China, Manchuria. Rich in minerals but not people.
    • We stop trading with Japan.
    • 1937 they go after China and attack a US naval ship while oding so (USS Panay).
    • They apologize and we think everything is ok. They are planning a surprise attack on Pear Harbor.
    • Dec. 7, 1941, they attack it and their planes come in very low on a Sunday morning. People think these are our planes. They attack the pacific fleet and they crush us, absolute domination.
  18. "Backdoor Theory"
    This said that we knew that the attack was coming and this was the only way we could get into the war.
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