Lab Madule 1

  1. Sterile
    Free of microbial contamination
  2. Growth medium
    • contains nutrients that are appropriate for growing microorganisms.
    • Liquide - broths
    • Solid medium - agar added to broth
  3. NAYE
    Nutrient Agar with Yeast Extract
  4. How to label growth medium?
    • Lable around the perimeter of the agar side.
    • Your name
    • Date
    • Type of medium
    • Incubation Temp
    • Inoculum
  5. TSA
    Tryptic Soy Agar
  6. Fastidious Organisms
    • Organisms that live in the human body and have finicky nutrient requirements
    • (a picky eater used on TSA - have more nutrients)
  7. What is a colony?
    Cluster or clump of identically the same cells on agar.
  8. What charachteristics are useful for identifying microorganisms on an agar plate?
    • Color
    • Colony translucency vs. opacity
    • Texture (smooth, rough)
    • Margin
    • Size
    • Elevation
  9. What is the benefit of a solid agar medium compared to a broth medium?
    • Solid agar medium - physical structure that allows bacteria to grow in physically informative way.
    • Broth medium - impossible to see diversity
  10. Why do bacterial colonies reach a certain size and then stop growing?
    Not enough time was given, competition between different types of bacteria. Waste produced by bacteria is toxic that prevents growth ot other bacteria (ferment into acid) self toxic. Natural limit of growth, environmental factor.
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