Study Guide Ch 10

  1. Order of taxanomic hierarchy
    Domain, Kingdom, Phylum (division), Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
  2. How should scientific nomencluture should be presented in written form?
    Genus name is first and Capitalized. Then, species name in lower case. Genus and species are italicized or underlined. Are litinized and used world wide.
  3. Clone
    population of cells derived from a single cell
  4. Strain
    genetically different cells within a clone.
  5. Phylogenetic Hierarchy
    Descent from a common ancestor, based on common properties in genetics, fossil structure.
  6. Taxonomy
    The science of classifying orgamism, based on common physical characteristics. Provides universal names for organisms. Provides a reference for identifying organisms.
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Study Guide Ch 10
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