Human Development Test 4

  1. What is the age range of Emerging adulthood?
  2. When do females and men reach their full height?
    • Females- age 16
    • Males- age 18
  3. What age group has the lowest level of chronic
    illness or disease? Why?
    18-25 Because their immune system becomes fully developed by the age of 20
  4. Replacement rate
  5. Sexual norms in emerging adulthood
    • 33% or 1/3 have sex twice a week or more
    • 33% or 1/3 have sex a few times a month
    • 33% or 1/3 have sex a few times a year or not at all
  6. Arnett’s Emerging Adulthood
  7. What is Erikson’s crisis for emerging adulthood
    (hint: follows identity versus role confusion)
  8. What age is the prefrontal cortex fully developed?
  9. Gottman’s Marital
    Stability & Predictors of divorce
  10. Sternberg’s 3 aspects of love
  11. Work (dual earner couples, unemployment, how much of
    a person’s life can be expected to be devoted to work?)
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Human Development Test 4
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