MGMT CH 7-11

  1. assigning part of a manager's work and power to other workers
  2. the systematic shifting of emplorees from one job to another
    job rotation
  3. an organization that is doing everything they are supposed to in working towards their goals
    functional organization
  4. a set of activities intened to identify new ideas that have the potential to result in new goods and services
    research development (R&D)
  5. when a person or buisness does a physical thing for them such as repairing a car
  6. a buisness or person that sells products
  7. a process in operations management in which raw materials are broken into different component parts
    analytical process
  8. a process in operations management in which raw materials or components are combined to create a finished product
    synthetic process
  9. all activities managers engage in to produce goods and services
    operations management
  10. a group of similar products that differ only in relatively minor characteristics ex: chevy, ford, toyota
    product line
  11. ex: corvette, camaro, volt
    product item
  12. a basic material that actually becomes part of a physical product; usually comes from mines, forests, oceans, or recycled solid wastes
    raw material
  13. the process of working to make a product
    working process
  14. the end product
    finished goods
  15. a system designed to ensure that materials or supplies arrive at a facility just when they are needed so that storage and holding costs are minimized
    just-in-time inventory (JIT)
  16. a network of national standards institutes and similar organizations from 161 different countries that is charged with developing standards for quality products and services that are traded throughout the globe
    international organization for standardization (ISO)
  17. a computerized data bank containing information on the skills and experience of all present employees
    skills inventory
  18. a systematic procedure for studying jobs to derermine their various elements and requirements
    job analysis
  19. a list of the lements that maue up a particular job
    job description
  20. a list of the qualifications required to perform a particular job
    job specification
  21. process of attracting qualified job applicants
  22. a government agency with the power to investigate complaints of employment discrimination and the power to sue firms that practice it
    equal emplorment opportunity commission (EEOC)
  23. a motivation technique in which managers and emplorees collaborate in setting goals
    management by objectives (MBO)
  24. federal agency that enforces the provisions of the wagner act
    national labor relations board (NLRB)
  25. the process of negotiating a labor contract with mangement
    collective bargaining
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