Ferns and vascular plants

  1. Vascular plants
    -vascular tissue

    -most succesful land plants
  2. 2 groups of vascular plants

    -seed plants
  3. (groups) seedless
    a) spores

    ex) fern allies and ferns
  4. (groups) Seeds
    ex) pines and flowering plants
  5. Fern Allies (6)
    3 phyla

    • -related to ferns
    • -less common
    • -not all lead to evolution of seed plants
    • -spores
    • -cones (most)
  6. Phyla Lycophyta
    club mosses

    ex) club mosses and spike mosses
  7. Phyla Equisetophyta
    ex) horsetails and scarring rushes
  8. Phyla Psitolophyta
    ex) whish ferns

    dual branching
  9. Phyla polypodiophyta or pterophyta
  10. 6 characteristics of Polypodiophyta
    • -vascular tissue
    • -spores
    • -cuticle
    • -stomates
    • -true organs
  11. Sporophyte generation of a fern
    • -dominant (what one sees)
    • * larger and more complex
  12. Gametophyte generation of a fern

    -green, photosynthetic

    -sperm needs to swim to egg
  13. what is seen from a fern (sporophyte plant) (8)
    • a) frond
    • b)fiddlehead
    • c)rhizomes
    • d)adventitious roots
    • e)sorus
    • f)sporangium
    • g)annulus
    • h)lip cells
  14. (sporophyte gen. characteristics) Frond (3)
    • -leaf
    • *usually compound

    Pinnae: leaflets

    Rachis: petiole
  15. (sporophyte gen. characteristics) Fiddlehead

    -immature frond

    -it uncurls
  16. (sporophyte gen. characteristics) Rhizome
    -horizontal stem
  17. (sporophyte gen. characteristics) Adventitious roots
    roots that grow on segments or parts on sten
  18. (sporophyte gen. characteristics) Sorus
    -brown spots on leaf

    -group of sporangium

    Insidium: flap. unbrella like protects the sporangium
  19. (sporophyte gen. characteristics) Sporangium
    • -produces sporocyte inside
    • *sporocyte, sperm mother cell
  20. (sporophyte gen. characteristics) Annulus
    thick ring on top of sporangium
  21. (sporophyte gen. characteristics) Lip cells
    -sporangium opening that opens to release spores
  22. What you see in a fern (gametophyte plant)
    a) spores

    b) gametophyte plant

    c) archegonia

    d) antheridia
  23. (gametophyte plant char.) Spores
    -formed after meiosis

    -makes gametophyte plant
  24. (gametophyte plant char.) Gametophyte plant
    -non vascular



    -heart shaped

    -rhizoids (no roots)
  25. (gametophyte plant char.) Archegonia
    contains egg

    -female reproductive
  26. (gametophyte plant char.) Antheridia
    contains sperm
  27. (gametophyte plant char.) Antheridia and archegonia
    both on bottom of gametophyte plant

    -sperm swims to egg in fertilization

    stays there
  28. Fern life cycle
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