Bio 4

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  1. which of the following cell strutures exhibits selective permeability between a cell and its external environment?
    The plasma membrane
  2. Which of the following statements about the role of phospholipids in the structure and function of biological membranes is correct?
    Phospholipids form a selectively permeable structure.
  3. the plasma membrane is referred to as a "fluid mosaic" structure. Which of the following statements about that model is true?
    The fluid aspect of the membrane is due to the lateral and rotational movement of phospholipids, and embedded proteins account for the mosaic aspect.
  4. Which of the following types of information is/are most likely to be derived from freeze-fracture of biological sample?
    Proteins embedded in membrane bilayer.
  5. consider the currently accepted fluid mosaic model of the plasma membrane. Where in the plasma memebrane would cholesterol most likely be found?
    in the interior of the membrane.
  6. Which of the following functional processes is not a consequence of the assoictation of protiens with biological memebranes?
    Energy, carbon, and nitrogen storage
  7. Which of the following is a function of membrane proteins and also facilitates tissue formation during embryogenesis?
    Membrane proteins with short sugar chains form identification tags that are recognized by other cells.
  8. Which of the following statement concerning carbohydrates associated with the plasma membrane is correct?
    Memebrane carbohydrates function pirmarily in cell-cell recognition.
  9. Which statement(s) about the sidedness of the plasma membrane is/are correct?
    All of the listed responses are correct.
  10. Which of the following molecules is most likely to passively diffuse across the plasma membrane?
  11. Which of the following would be least likely to diffuse through a plasma membrane without the help of a transport protien?
    A large polar molecule.
  12. Which of the following structural arrangements of the components in biological membrane is most consistent with memebrane's property of solective permeability?
    protiens embedded in two layers of phospholipids
  13. which of the following statement about pssive transport is correct?
    Passive transport permits the solute to move in either direction, but the net movement of the population of solute occurs down the centration gradient of the molecule.
  14. A single plant cell is placed in an isotonic solution. Salt is then added to the solution. which of the following would occur as a result of the salt addition?
    Water would leave the cell by osmosis, causing the volume of the cytoplasm to decrease.
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