US History Test 3

  1. Silent Cal
    Coolidge's nickname, because he didn't have a lot to say. Many people thought it meant he was a profound thinker.
  2. Election of 1924
    • Rep: Coolidge
    • Dem: John W. Davis
    • "Keep Cool with Coolidge" was the Republican slogan.
    • Coolidge wins the election easily.
  3. Muscle Shoals Project
    This has to do with the Wilson Dam. The government built this dam, it was part of the war effort. And now there is debate since the war is over what to do with it. Henry Ford wanted to buy it from the US government. The sale is blocked. The government retains the Wilson Dam, and is enormously expanded later.
  4. National Origins Act
    This was in 1924, and it severely limits immigration. It cuts off oriental immigration. Prohibits it from Asia. They said after the 1890 census, whatever the number of Americans from Italy that 2% of that number can immigrate from Italy each year.
  5. Washington Naval Conference
    This was a conference that limited naval power. Its purpose is to keep there from being a naval arms race. They developed a ratio system, where US and GB were at the top. Japan was third.
  6. Kellog-Briand Pact
    This was in 1928, it was an agreement with France. Eventually 60 nations sign onto the pact. It outlaw's war. Says the only justification of war is defense.
  7. Election of 1928
    • Dem: Al Smith
    • Rep: Herbert Hoover
    • The clan absolutely hated Al Smith. He was irish, catholic, and wet. He was a 2nd generation American. He was everything Southern America didn't like. Many people in the South support the Republican candidate after this.
    • Hoover was an orphan, and was a member of the very first class of Stanford University. He made a fortune as a mining engineer. hoovercrats were the southerners that supported Hoover.
    • Hoover wins in a landslide. The stock market collapes in the first year of his administration.
  8. Stock Market Crash
    This forces us into the Great Depression of 1929. People who didn't need to be in the Market were getting into the market.
  9. Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)
    This was the first of many agencies. It was setup by the Hoover administration to help the economy. It gives government money to companies to keep them going. Critics called this "millionaire dole". Meaning that it was a handout.
  10. "Hoovervilles"
    There were towns homeless people would built out of tents and stuff on the outside of a big town.
  11. Bonus Army
    1932, vetrerans wanted a raise in the pension. Congress rejected the bonus and most of these people went hom. Some of them stayed and just "occupied" it. Hoover evenutally said they needed to be moved out. Douglas MacArthur, general of the Army uses the army to push these people out.
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