1. Why is the Ganges river so important to the Indian people? What is another name for it.
    The Ganges River is so important to the Indians because it leaves behind silt which causes the land around it to become very fertile, which makes this the farming heartland of India. The Ganges River is also important to the Indian people because it is considered sacred. Mother River
  2. What is the famous building that many travelers visit in India?
    The Taj Mahal.
  3. Define Boycott-
    Boycott: To refuse to buy a good or service.
  4. What year did India gain it's independance from the British?
  5. What two countries were created when India gained independance from the British?
    India and Pakistan

    • I=Hinduism
    • P=Muslim
  6. Define Karma-
    Karma is the belief that if you do something good, good things happen to you. If you do bad stuff, bad stuff happens to you.
  7. Define caste system-
    The caste system is a system where you are born into a caste, there are four of them. You could not marry those from another caste. Also, the lowest rank caste people cannot be touched by higher rank caste people.
  8. Who is Ghandi?
    Ghandi is an Indian man who was shy at first, then decided to take a stand against the British rule by peacefully leading rebellions.
  9. What year was Ghandi born?
  10. What was the name of Ghandi's movement which means, "The force of love"?
  11. Define a khandi-
    A white cloth made by Indians. These were typicially used to make white clothing during the Indians' boycott of British cloth.
  12. What was the Salt March?
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    • The Salt March was when Ghandi [and many Indians] boycotted Britian salt. Ghandi walked nearly 200 miles to the sea, joined by thousands of people to get sea salt.
  13. What year did Ghandi die?
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