ED 304 Vocab

  1. Basal Reader
    An anthology of stories used for reading instruction
  2. Decoding
    The act of taking written text and putting it into spoken form.
  3. Encoding
    The act of taking spoken text and putting it in written form.
  4. Fluency
    When a person reads accurately, at a good rate for their purposes, and with good comprehension (prosity).
  5. Graphem
    The letter or letters that represent a sound.
  6. Graphophonic Cues
    Comprehension cues used to determine how a word is pronounced.
  7. Inferential Comprehension
    This type of comprehension, reads between the lines, it looks for meaning that is implied but not stated.
  8. Literal Comprehension
    Comprehension of specific information, names, dates, places etc..
  9. Orthography
    The spelling of a word or how it is written.
  10. Read aloud
    When a teacher reads aloud to students.
  11. Recoding
    Changing information from spoken to written or written to spoken.
  12. Schematic Cues
    Comprehension cues that come from the questions who, what, where, when.
  13. Syntactic Cues
    Comprehension cues that come from the order of words.
  14. Zone of proximal development
    The optimal point of instruction for a student based on his or her development so far.
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