1. What is rotational inertia of a particle?
  2. What is the Torque which gives rise to angular acceleration?
    RF aka mR2α
  3. What is another name for the rotational Inertia?
    Moment of Inertia
  4. What are three ways to write the magnitude of torque about a given axis?
    RF , RF, RF sin Θ
  5. What is the point of in R┴F , RF┴?
    The reminds us to consider the Radius or Force perpendicular to the axis of rotation.
  6. How do you calculate Net Force with more than one force acting on the object?
    T1 + T2...
  7. If a force causes an object to rotate clockwise, is the Torque positive or negative?
  8. How is the length of the Lever arm (R) determined?
    Distance from the center of mass (Absolute).
  9. If a Force is applied to the axis of rotation what is the Torque?
    Zero, because the Lever Arm Length is 0.
  10. What is the rlationship between mass and inertia?
    inertisa plays the same role for rotational motion as mass does for translational motion
  11. For rotational motion can the mass be considdered as concentrated at the Center of Mass?
  12. Is the moment of inertia formula the same for all shapes?
    No, the moment of inertia changes with the shapes of various objects.
  13. What is the Moment of inertia for a thin hoop with axis of rotation at center?
  14. Moment of inertia for thin hoop, axis through center, with width w?
    1/2 MR2 + 1/12 Mw2
  15. Moment of Inertia for Solid cylinder rotated through CM?
    1/2 MR2
  16. Moment of Inertia for Sphere through CM?
    2/5 Mr2
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