nervous system ch12-15 (exam4)

  1. what is a tract?
    a bundle of neurons that are all carrying the same info
  2. what do ascending tracts do?
    carry sensory info to the brain
  3. what do descending tracts do?
    carry intructions from the brain to effectors(structure that responds)
  4. what is proprioception (muscle sense)?
    information that the brain uses to determine current position of body parts
  5. how many pairs of cranial nerves are there?
    how are they numbered?
    and what are they based on?
    • a.12
    • b.roman numberal I-XII
    • c.based on origin off the brain
  6. what cranial nerve pair is most anterior and which one is most posterior?
    • I-most anterior
    • XII most posterior
  7. what are the crainial nerves names and functions based on?
    • a. name is based on functon and/or distibution
    • b.function is based on specific functions as on handout.
  8. what is the importance of the nervous system?
    • 1. communication
    • 2. homeostasis
  9. what does communication do that makes the nervous system important?
    the brain receives info from all parts of the body
  10. what does homeostasis do that makes the nervous system important?
    the brain analyzes current conditions & initiates appropriate responses as necessary
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