Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves

  1. What are the five regions of the spinal cord?
    • cervical
    • thoracic
    • lumbar
    • sacral
    • coccygeal
  2. What is the tapering end of the spinal cord called?
    conus medullaris
  3. What is the group of axons inferior to the conus medullaris called?
    cauda equina
  4. What helps anchor the conus medullaris to the coccyx?
    filum terminale
  5. What are the two enlargements of the spinal cord?
    • cervical
    • lumbosacral
  6. How many pairs of spinal nerves is the spinal cord associated with?
    31 pairs
  7. What is the gray matter of the spinal cord for?
    spinal reflex
  8. Where does the eghth cervical spine leave the intervertebral foramen?
    between the C7 and T1 vertebrae
  9. What is a dermatome?
    a specific segment of skin supplied by a single spinal nerve
  10. Which of the spinal nerves is not associated with a dermatome?
  11. What is referred visceral pain?
    When pain or discomfort from one organ is mistakenly referred to a dermatome
  12. Where would someone feel a heart attack from referred pain?
    along the left pectoral region and the medial side of the left arm
  13. Where does kidney and ureter pain referred to?
    overlie the inferior abdominal wall in the groin and loin regions
  14. How does brainfreeze occur?
    quick warming of the hard palate
  15. What is a nerve plexus?
    a network of interweaving spinal nerves
  16. What are the four principle plexuses that have their own name?
    • left and right cervical plexus: C1-C4
    • left and right brachial plexus: C5-T1
    • left and right lumbar plexus: L1-L4
    • left and right sacral plexus: L4-S4
  17. What nerve innervates the diaphragm?
    Phrenic nerve
  18. What are hiccups called?
  19. What are the five nerves that arise from the brachial nerve?
    • axillary nerve: deltoid and teres minor
    • median nerve: deep to carpal tunnel, palm and forearm, fingers 1,2,3 and lateral half of 4
    • musculocutaneous nerve: biceps brachii
    • radial nerve: triceps brachii
    • ulnar nerve: forearm, palm, and finger 5 and medial side of 4
  20. What two nerves arise from the lumbar nerve?
    • femoral nerve: quads, sartoria (branches into lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which when compressed caused numbness of the outer thigh called meralgia paresthetica)
    • obturator nerve: gracilis
  21. What two nerves arise from the sacral plexus?
    sciatic nerve: largest nerve in body, deep to piriformis (composed of tibial nerve and common fibular nerve)
  22. Where does a newborns spinal cord extend to?
    L3, while in adults it's at L1
  23. What happens if traumatized above C3, C4-C7, and T1-L1?
    • asphyxiation (leads to death)
    • quadriplegia
    • paraplegia
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