music business quiz

  1. what is a buy-on?
    label will pay money to the headliner to get an opening act on a show
  2. examples of invisible venues
    • casinos
    • fairs
    • performing arts centers
  3. touring includes what kinds of people?
    • personal manager
    • agent
    • promoter
    • tour manager
  4. good ways of marketing a non-profit
    • -target your audience (demographic profile)
    • -focus on contemporary programming and special interest concerts
    • -direct mail and online marketing campaigns
    • -outreach
  5. what does arts administration refer to?
    non profit market-dance, theater, ballet, opera, symphony, orchestras, jazz
  6. billing
    how an act is noted in programs/signs
  7. papering the house
    giving tickets to everyone
  8. complimentary tickets
    also known as compted tickets (guestlist)
  9. Promoter Profit Deal
    Specific dollar amount figured into ledger split on the gross profit. Artist gets 65%, Promoter gets the remaining amount
  10. superstars split
    85/15 or 90/10 (star/promoter) off of net profits (page 361)
  11. mid level acts
    Sold quarter to half million albums where they can headline ($7,500 to 50,000) or open for major act (5,000)
  12. secondary market
    • purchased and resold tickets
    • (stubhub, ticketking)
  13. what does a promoter do?
    Assumes financial risk, brings audience/artist together. Sellls tickets, etc.
  14. 3 factors involved in concert promotion:
    • 1) act-seller
    • 2) audience-buyer
    • 3) promoter-gets the buer and seller together
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