A&P MRS: Prostate gland

  1. Prostate gland
    glandular tissue to produce prostate fluid

    conical body about the size of a chestnut
  2. Where is the prostate gland located?
    inferior to the urinary bladder surrounding its neck and the first division of the urethra
  3. What is the function of the prostate gland?
    to produce alkaline prostate fluid which is part of the semen

    it assists in the motility of sperm
  4. Bulbourethral glands
    they are the size of a pea

    they assist in the production of alkaline fluid to clean the male urethra and female vagina prior to sperm release

    formerly called Cowper's gland
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A&P MRS: Prostate gland
A&P MRS: Prostate gland