COMM 381-2

  1. What is Larson's study's idea?
    If you have a strong sense of self, you can navigate the things in everyday life
  2. What did harrison's study focus on?
    How media and self complexity are related.
  3. What were the theories behind Harrison's hypothesis?
    More time in front of TV, less time doing other novel and stimulating activities

    As cultivation analyses suggest, the messages and images on TV are relatively narrow and UNIFORM

    More TV would reduce self complexity.
  4. what were the results of harrison's study?
    Increased TV exposure linked to DECREASED self-complexity scores

    ***Can't determine causation/time order
  5. What does Larson say about TV and music?
    • TV is a way to buffer stress
    • Music is an active way to work through identity.
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COMM 381-2
COMM 381-2