Punishment, Sentencing, and Corrections

  1. aggravating factors
    conditions that make a criminal act more serious
  2. brutalization
    the propostition that the use of capital punishment actually increases the crime rate by senfing a message that it is acceptable to kill those who have wronged us
  3. chemical castration
    the use of injections of a female hormone into male rapists as a method of lowering their sex drive
  4. death qualitification
    requiring prospective jurors to answer voir dire questions about their attitudes toward the death penalty in order to exclude persons whose views on capital punishment would prevent them from performing their sworn duty as jurors
  5. declaritive knowledge
    juror's understanding of legal concepts
  6. determinate sentencing
    the provision of strict limits for the sentences that judges can give for particular crimes
  7. intermediate sanctions
    a probationary sanction, tailored to the offernder, with rehabilitation deterrence and restitution as its goals
  8. mitigating factors
    • factors that lessen the degree of guilt in a criminal offense and thus affect the nature of the punishment
    • (age, mental capacity, motivations, and/or duress)
  9. paraphile
    a person for whom sexual arousal and gratification are dependent of fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior that is atypical and extreme; likely to reoffend
  10. pedophile
    a person who derives sexual gratification from sexual contact with children
  11. policy capturing
    • research to determine policy preferences andf inclinations
    • (the onjectives that ordinary people believe punishment should achieve)
  12. procedural knowledge
    juror's ability to know what to do to reach a decision
  13. restorative justice
    programs to reconcile offenders with their victims
  14. retributive
    the notion that punishment should be inflicted on a person who has taken something from another
  15. sentencing disparity
    the tendency of different judges to administer a variety of penalities for the same crime
  16. shaming penalty
    a criminal sanction designed to embarrass an offender by publicizing the offence
  17. surgical castration
    removal of the testes to reduce the male sex drive
  18. utilitarian
    the notion that criminal sentences should be designed to accomplish a useful outcome
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Punishment, Sentencing, and Corrections
Punishment, Sentencing, and Corrections