MMT Lower Extrimity

  1. MMT: Hip Flexion Good & Poor
    • Good
    • Sitting
    • POOR
    • Sidelying on: ipsilateral side Altside lying on contralateral side
  2. MMT: Hip Hyperextension Poor & Good

  3. MMT: Hyperextension ISOLATE Gluteus Maximus Fair and Good
    Fair: Prone with the Knee FLEXED

    Poor: Sidelying with the knee flexed
  4. MMT: Hip Abduction
    Poor and Fair
    • Fair: SideLying on the uninovolved side with HIP exented
    • Poor: supine
  5. MMT: Isolate TFL
    Fair and Poor
    Fair: Sidelying on uninvoloved side with hip flexion

    Poor: Supine with hip flexed (elbow proppe up on the table
  6. MMT: Hip Adduction
    Fair and Good
    Fair: Sidelying on involoved with top leg slight bent.
  7. MMT: Hip Internal medial rotaters (Fair and good)
    fiar: Sitting

    Poor: Supine with hip EXTERNALY rotated
  8. MMT: Hip External Rotators (Fair and Good)
    Fair: Sitting

    good: Supine with leg internally rotated
  9. MMT: Satorius
    Position: Sitting in Fair

    POOR: Supine
  10. MMT: Knee Flexion (Fiar and Poor)
    Fair: Prone with FEET OFF the table

  11. MMT: Isolate the Biceps Femoris
    Poor: N/A

    Good: Prone with toes away from midline
  12. MMT: Isloate the Hamstrings
    (Fair and Poor)
    Fair: Prone toes pointed toward the midline

  13. MMT: Vastus Medialis (F)
    Fiar: Sitting with the knee bent to 30 degree LATERAL external rotation of HIP

    Poor: N/A
  14. MMT: Knee Extension
    Fiar: Sitting

    Poor: Sidelying
  15. MMT: Ankle Plantar Flexion (F)
    Fiar: Standing with Straight Leg

    • 1x Poor
    • 3x Good
    • 5x Normal
  16. MMT: Soleus (Fair)
    Standing with the knee bent

    • 1x Poor
    • 3x Good
    • 5x Normal
  17. MMT: Soleus (poor)
    Sidelying with the knee bent
  18. MMT: Eversion (Fair & Poor)
    Fair: Sidelying on contralateral side FEET OFF TABLE

    Poor: Supine
  19. MMT: Dorsi Flexion & Inversion (F &P)
    Fair: Sitting

    Poor: Supine
  20. MMT: Inversion (P&F)
    Poor: supine with ankle plantar flexed

    Fair: Sidelying on oninvoloved side with ankle plantar slightly flexed. FOOT OFF THE BED
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MMT Lower Extrimity
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