PSYC366 Chapter 4 Glossary

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  1. Ablation
    removal of a brain area, generally with a surgical knife
  2. Autonomic nervous system
    part of the PNS that controls the heart, intestines, and other organs
  3. Basal forebrain
    area anterior and dorsal to the hypothalamus; includes cell clusters that promote wakefulness and sleep
  4. Basal ganglia
    a group of subcortical forebrain structures lateral to the thalamus
  5. Bell-Magendie law
    the concept that the entering dorsal roots carry sensory information and the exiting ventral roots carry motor information
  6. Binding problem
    question of how various brain areas produce a perception of a single object
  7. Brainstem
    the medulla, pons, midbrain, and central structure of the forebrain
  8. Broca’s area
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