1. microtubules are involved in what kind cell motility?
    locomotion (cillia and flagella)
  2. Does the stroma have a lower or higher pH than the thylakoid space?
    The stroma has a higher pH because H+ are pumped into the thylakoid space (leading to lower pH) and then diffuse back across by ATP synthase into the stroma generating ATP.
  3. How is the ECM attached to the plasma membrane
    By fibronectin
  4. Does the primary cell wall have more or less cellulose relatively than the secondary cell wall?
    The primary cell wall has less cellulose than the secondary cell wall therefore it is stronger
  5. Does the secondary wall have more or less pectin relative to the primary cell wall?
    The secondary wall has less pectin than the primary cell wall therefore it doesn't resist compression as well
  6. What are the types of proplastids to know?
    • Chloroplasts - photosythesis
    • Chromoplasts - pigments
    • Leucoplasts - can store lipids, pigments, protein, starch
  7. vesicles arrive and depart from which face of the Golgi apparatus?
    • vesicles fuse with membrane at cis face and release contents into lumen
    • shipped from trans face
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