1. 这个项目由总工程师亲自操刀设计。
    This project was designed by the general engineer himself.
  2. 反正我也正要去那边办事,就也帮他办了,落个顺水人情呗。
    I've got something to do there anyway, so I helped him with this. It's a favor done at little cost to me.
  3. 我正要去找他,偏巧,他来了。
    I was just going to see him when, as luck would have it, he turned up.
  4. 整理好背囊,我们马上出发!
    We will set out the moment we settle our backpacks.
  5. 雨天除外,他每天步行上班。
    He walks to work every day, except when it rains.
  6. 现在正是下班的高峰时期,出现交通不畅很正常。
    It is normal to have terrible traffic during rush hour.
  7. 我昨天告诉你的正是这个人。
    This is the person I told you about yesterday.
  8. “突然”除了有副词的用法,还有形容词的用法。
    “突然” can be used as an adjective as well as an adverb.
  9. 他的举动在我的意料之中。
    His moves are within my expectations.
  10. 反应
  11. 过敏反应
    allergic reaction
  12. 他出掌很快,对手都没反应过来。
    He attacked his opponent with his palm so quickly that he had no chance to react.
  13. 状态
  14. 我的电脑正处于待机状态。
    My computer is on standby.
  15. 吸烟人群往往处于第三状态。
    Smokers are often in bad health.
  16. 很多女孩子都喜欢逛街。
    Many girls like to stroll around the streets.
  17. 待会儿我们一起去逛街吧。
    Let's go shopping together later.
  18. 陈述句
    indicative sentence
  19. 他一一陈述了这件事情的利害关系。
    He stated the advantages and disadvantages in sequential order.
  20. 你能把这个陈述句改成反问句吗?
    Can you turn the declarative sentence into a rhetorical question?
  21. 历尽
    to have gone through a lot of
  22. 他历尽心血终于完成了这一成本大套的翻译作品。
    He completed the translation of this monumental work with a herculean effort.
  23. 她历尽艰难终于找到了一份工作。
    After great difficulty, she finally found a job.
  24. 今天时间太紧,改天我们再聊。
    Today is too busy, let's talk about it another day.
  25. 他不想再吃粉笔灰了,年后辞职离开了学校。
    He didn't want to eat chalk-powder any more, so he quit and left the school in the new year .
  26. 在巴西,不但年轻人,甚至老年人都喜欢足球。
    In Brazil everybody loves football, not just the young, but older people too.
  27. 他总是这样独断专行,不听从别人的意见。
    He always acts arbitrarily and never listens to others.
  28. 我偶然发现了这则消息。
    I found out this piece of news by chance.
  29. 刮目相看
    Treat someone with increasing respect.
  30. 每个人都会受到应有的惩罚:恶有恶报,善有善报。
    Everyone received his/her appropriate punishment: evil will be punished and good will be rewarded.
  31. 这场雨下得很及时。
    This rain has come at the right time.
  32. 有病要及时去就医。
    If you are ill you should go to the doctor without delay.
  33. 孩子发烧,他连忙去请大夫。
    When he found out that the child had a fever, he went to call a doctor at once.
  34. 听到门铃响,他赶忙撂下了扫把去开门。
    Hearing the bell, he put down the broom quickly and opened the door.
  35. 等不及告诉他具体的位置,他就匆忙出发了。
    He set out in a hurry before I could tell him the exact location.
  36. 犯罪分子匆忙地逃离了现场。
    The criminals left the scene in a hurry.
  37. 时间急促,我们赶快出发。
    Time is pressing - we had better go.
  38. 没辙
    to not be able to anything about
  39. 哭可是宝宝的拿手戏,只要她一哭,妈妈没辙了。
    Crying is the baby's forte. Whenever she cries, her mother doesn’t know how to deal with her.
  40. 我这个手镯可是纯金打造的,可别给我弄丢了。
    My bracelet is made of pure gold, so be careful not to lose it.
  41. 有雄厚的经济实力托底,我就可以放手一搏了。
    • With such a strong economic foundation, I can do whatever I want without further consideration.
    • xiong2hou4, tuo1di3, fang4shou3yi4bo2
  42. 克服困难
    overcome difficulties
  43. 我不怎么玩游戏。
    I don't really play games.
  44. 网带宽
    • bandwidth
    • wang3 dai4kuan1
  45. 校园网带宽非常大。
    The school's bandwidth if extremely large.
  46. 限制
    • limit
    • xian4zhi4
  47. 这种产品出口有限制。
    There are restrictions on the export of this kind of product.
  48. 他们为自己的儿子感到很自豪。
    They're very proud of their son.
  49. 不久之后,建筑师们和其他人都厌倦了这些看起来像盒子的建筑物
    After a while, architects and other people became tired of buildings that looked like boxes.
  50. 办公室里乱得一塌糊涂。
    • The office was in complete chaos.
    • yi4ta1hu2tu2
  51. 那个记者为那家报社工作。
    That journalist works for the newspaper.
  52. 这座四合院的建筑格局很符合法式。
    This building is a typical siheyuan.
  53. 我们暂时休息一下。
    We'll rest for a moment.
  54. 外面寒风砭骨,我们尽量少出门。
    • The icy wind outside cuts one to the marrow, we’d better stay indoors.
    • bian1gu3
  55. 他我行我素,毫不在乎大家对他的看法。
    He went his own way, and doesn't care what other people think.
  56. 每个人都应该有拒黄意识。
    Everyone should have the awareness to reject pornographies.
  57. 这事还得你自己出面解决,解铃系铃嘛!
    You have to deal with it yourself. Only the one who tied it can untie it!
  58. 我们要痛击敌顽,不能给他们任何喘息的机会。
    • We should strike our enemies hard. Don't give them time to rest.
    • tòng jī
    • 喘息 pant, come up for air
  59. 隔热是省去采暖费的最好方法。
    • Insulation is the best ways to save money on heating bills.
    • 隔热 insulation
    • cǎinuǎn heating
  60. 花岗石多数用于外墙装修,很坚固耐用。
    Granite is mainly used in decoration of exterior walls. It is very stout and enduring.
  61. 干扰素可以用于癌症治疗。
    • Interferon can be used to cure cancer.
    • áizhèng
  62. 带你去领略一下少林功夫如何?
    • How about letting me show you some Shaolin martial arts skills?
    • lǐnglüè to have a taste, to appreciate
  63. 不知道如何从专业角度来说。
    I don't know what it's like from an expert's point of view.
  64. 我觉得好丢脸。
    I feel so ashamed.
  65. 条件太苛刻,无论如何都不能接受。
    The conditions are too harsh, no matter what I can't accept it.
  66. 当朋友感到郁闷的时候,我们当一下出气筒也没什么不可以。
    • When our friends are depressed it isn't a big problem if they vent their anger in our direction.
    • yùmèn depressed
  67. 你挪用公款,却想让我背黑锅。
    • You misappropriate public funds and you want to make me the scapegoat.
    • nuóyòng
  68. 患难见真情。
    A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  69. 今年春运的客流高峰期提前到来。
    The peak time for the Spring Festival passenger transport will come earlier this year.
  70. 由于我们提前采取了措施,因此这次溃堤没有造成什么损失!
    • We had adopted advance measures, so the burst dam didn't cause any damage.
    • cǎiqǔ adopt
    • cuòshī measure
    • kuìdī crack in the dam
    • sǔnshī loss
  71. 她已经学会了忍受她丈夫的小癖好。
    • She has learned to live with her husband's little idiosyncrasies.
    • pǐhào
  72. 她聪明并且用功。
    She is clever and diligent.
  73. 宿舍的管理员给我们无微不至的关怀。
    The manager of the dorm takes good care of us.
  74. 在这方面她为我树立了榜样。
    In this aspect she set an example for me.
  75. 不管结果如何,横直我得付出努力。
    Whatever the result is, I must make great efforts anyway.
  76. 你很会举一反三。
    You really can "deduce more cases from one instance".
  77. 很有主见 - 自己认定的事情就不会轻易改变。
    To be assertive - once one has made a decision, it's not easily changed.
  78. 逗你玩儿呢。
    • Just teasing you.
    • dòu
  79. 经济学者们无法肯定这一增长在不久的将来是否能持续下去。
    Economic pundits are undecided on whether the growth will be sustainable in the near future.
  80. 这个疑问句有严重的语法错误,请你改一改。
    The interrogative sentence has serious grammatical errors, please correct them.
  81. 为公平/保险/安全/方便起见
    for the sake of fairness/safety/safety/convenience
  82. 斤斤计较
    quibble over every detail
  83. 先不跟你计较,有空我再说。
    I won't argue with you now. Let's talk about it when I have time.
  84. 我痛恶这种为一点小事斤斤计较的人。
    • I hate people who haggle over every trifle.
    • tòngwù
  85. 脚抽筋
    • to have cramp in one's foot
    • chōujīn
  86. 在13公寓住的这段日子,从中我体会到忍耐的意思/意义。
    I've lived in apartment 13 for sometime, from which I learned the meaning/value of patience.
  87. 经过我再三地劝说,他终于被我说服了。
    After listening many times to my persuasion, he was finally persuaded.
  88. 比方说《摇滚乐曾经风靡一时》。
    • For instance, "rock & roll music was fashionable for a while".
    • yáogǔn, fēngmí
  89. 我要出去遛狗。
    • I have to go out to walk the dog.
    • liù
  90. 我轻轻地抚摸着这架名贵的钢琴。
    • I stroked the valuable piano gently.
    • fǔmō gāngqín
  91. 鹦鹉重复别人说话。
    • The parrot repeats what other people say.
    • yīngwǔ
  92. 白鼬在挖洞。
    • The ferret is digging a hole.
    • báiyòu wādòng
  93. 豚鼠吃很多干草。
    • The guinea pig eats a lot of hay.
    • túnshǔ
  94. 他对与己无关的事情一概不闻不问。
    He's indifferent to anything that doesn't have a bearing on him.
  95. 你老想着翻本儿,只会越赌越输。
    • If you keep thinking of winning back what you have lost, you will lose more.
    • yuèdǔyuèshū
  96. 没想到准时到达了开会地点。
    I didn't think I would make it to the meeting place on time.
  97. 虽然身患癌症已经奄奄一息,他还是坚持每天画画。
    • Though dying of cancer, he painted every day.
    • yǎnyǎnyīxī Only a weak gasp left; on the verge of death.
  98. 我从未见过像他这样有决心的人。
    I've never seen anyone as determined as him.
  99. 事故所引发的教训,发人深思!
    • We have good lessons to learn from the accident.
    • 发人深思 to arouse deep thought in people
  100. 中文总会出现歧义。
    • There will always be ambiguity in Chinese.
    • qíyì
  101. 他频频旷课。
    • He frequently plays truant.
    • pínpín kuàngkè
  102. 我从未听你抱怨过。
    Never did I hear your complain。
  103. 我们也总得有个地方坐坐呀。
    There must be somewhere for us to sit.
  104. 只要是人才,到了我们公司一定待遇从优。
    • As long as you are talented, our company well provide you with a high salary.
    • 从优 to offer generously
  105. 这位区域经理被提拔成为这家大公司的新主管。
    • The regional manager was promoted as the new director of the large company.
    • qūyù
  106. 严格地说
    strictly speaking
  107. 派上用场
    come in handy
  108. 歧义情境
    ambiguous situation
  109. 语法歧义
    grammatical ambiguity
  110. 他顺口把我们的秘密透露出去了。
    He revealed our secret without thinking.
  111. 透露内情
    to disclose inside information
  112. 随着政治时局的推移,经济情况稳定了。
    As the current political situation develops, the economy is stabilizing.
  113. 随着时间的推移
    with the passage of time
  114. 他只要一拿定主意,就会像盘石般坚定不移。
    Once he makes up his mind, he will stick to it firmly as a rock.
  115. 奢侈浪费的不良现象真是让人看不惯。
    Nobody can stand the bad phenomenon of luxury and waste.
  116. 威望
  117. 摄影
    take a photo, shoot a film

  118. 解铃还需系铃人。
    It is better for the doer to undo what he has done.
  119. 别急,慢慢就能摸出门道儿来。
    Don't worry - slowly does it and you'll find your way.
  120. 谁能比得上你呀!
    Who can match you?
  121. 在寒冷的冬日,没有什么比得上一杯热乎乎的爱尔兰咖啡。
    Nothing is better than a cup of hot Irish Coffee after a cold winter day.
  122. 微生物课上,我们试着培养黑霉。
    • We try to incubate black mould in biology class.
    • hēiméi
  123. 这下完了
    it's over (I've failed)
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