Bobby's Random Notes XXII

  1. Won the Battle of Black Jack
    John Brown
  2. Wrote Reveries of a Solitary Walker
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  3. Contrasted Amour de Soi and Amour Propre
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  4. Instituted the Yassa law code
    Ghengis Khan
  5. Brazilian who faked the existence of the Cohen Plan
    Getulio Vargas
  6. Brazil's "Father of the Poor"
    Getulio Vargas
  7. Led Great Britain during the THIRD Anglo-Mysore War
    Lord Cornwallis
  8. Negotiated the Treaty of Amiens for the English
    Lord Cornwallis
  9. Philosophical zombies lack this
  10. Harai are purification rituals in this religion
  11. Won the Battle of the Utus
    Attila the Hun
  12. Succeeded Attila the Hun
  13. Dynasty that saw the Tumu Crisis
    Ming Dynasty
  14. The decommissioned Hanford Site lies on this river
    Columbia River
  15. Said that people who know a little about everything are far from the truth
    John Locke
  16. On the Conduct of the Understanding
    John Locke
  17. Executed Nigrinus and Lucius Quietus
  18. The USS Charleston captured Guam in this war
    Spanish-American War
  19. This state owns the Alexander Archipelago
  20. Introduced his concept of the Uncanny
    Sigmund Freud
  21. The Bloody Gate was an incident during this event
    Sepoy Mutiny
  22. Won the Battle of Balkh
  23. Hume called this an artificial principle
  24. Gaselee and Seymour Expeditions were to combat this event
    Boxer Rebellion
  25. Calder v Bull extended this case to state legislatures
    Marbury v Madison
  26. This holiday is concluded by the Ne'ila
    Yom Kippur
  27. You swing a live chicken over your head at this holiday
    Yom Kippur
  28. Third and final wife of Julius Caesar
  29. Associate tough-minded and tender-minded philosophers with this philosophy
  30. This philosophy discusses "Clearness of Conception"
  31. Grew up as a cupbearer to King Ur-Zababa
    Sargon the Great
  32. Defeated Lugalzagesi
    Sargon the Great
  33. Appointed Rumish to be his successor
    Sargon the Great
  34. The Dasht-e deserts are in this country
  35. This country's longest river is the Rajang
  36. The Crocker Range is in this country
  37. Councilman bodies are in this organ
  38. King Vishtaspa is a guardian of this religion
  39. The asha and druj are both in this religion
  40. Was Chancellor of the Exchequer under Stanley Baldwin
    Winston Churchill
  41. Conducted the Harrying of the North
    William the Conqueror
  42. Suppressed the Revolt of the Earls
    William the Conqueror
  43. Dynasty that won the Battle of Gaixia
    Han Dynasty
  44. The Revolt of the Red Eyebrows was against this dynasty
    Han Dynasty
  45. Extensions of this conflict included the War of the Two Peters and the Castilian Civil War
    Hundred Years' War
  46. Established a capital at Fatehpur
    Akbar the Great
  47. Only queen of the New Kingdom of Egypt
  48. Claimed that a stable state was preferable to a perpetually growing one
    JS Mill
  49. An attack on Robert Belknap at Brentwood began this event
    Peasant's Revolt
  50. Signed the Treaty of Le Goulet
    John I
  51. Tried to overthrow William Longchamp
    John I
  52. One ruler from this dynasty built the Iron Pillar
    Gupta Dynasty
  53. Skanda was a ruler of this dynasty
    Gupta Dynasty
  54. Shoghi Effendi was a notable figure in this religion
  55. Epistle to the Son of the Wolf is a text in this religion
  56. This ruler's ambassador was Nabonidus
    Nebuchadnezzar II
  57. Succeeded by Awil-Marduk
    Nebuchadnezzar II
  58. Won the Battle of Tierra Blanca
    Pancho Villa
  59. Supreme Court case dealing with students wearing black armbands to protest the Vietnam War
    Tinker v Des Moines
  60. Hisham was the ruler of this empire
    Umayyad Caliphate
  61. Lost to the Byzantines at the Battle of Akroinon
    Umayyad Caliphate
  62. Yazid II and Marwan II both ruled this empire
    Umayyad Caliphate
  63. Mount Greylock is the highest point in this state
  64. Led the Eight Honors and Eight Shames Program
    Hu Jintao
  65. Called "Operation Detachment"
    Iwo Jima
  66. This emperor's general Corbulo won Armenia from the Parthians
  67. Won the Battle of the Dunes
    Louis XIV
  68. Used the sentences "A has a gold tooth" and "A has a toothache"
  69. Also known as the Battle of Greasy Grass
    Battle of Little Bighorn
  70. This man wrote Economy and Society
    Max Weber
  71. Created a three-component theory of stratification
    Max Weber
  72. Lake Taupo is a lake in this country
    New Zealand
  73. Sach Khand is a concept of joining God in this religion
  74. Kautilya taught this ruler
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