Lecture 3

  1. When was the Jamestown colony established?
    April 26, 1607
  2. What person was the state of Virginia named after?
    Queen Elizabeth I "the Virgin Queen"
  3. What was the first permanent English settlement?
    Jamestown colony
  4. Who were the stockholders of the Virgnia Company?
    House of Lords
  5. How many settlers remain behind to establish the Jamestown colony?
  6. Who unifies Great Britain in 1485?
    Henry VII
  7. Who restores the Anglican Church?
    Elizabeth I
  8. Who was an advocate of Protestant Reformation and the Anglican Church?
    Henry VII
  9. What belief is ingrained in British society during the 15th century?
  10. Who wrote "Utopia" (1516), a fictional work not calling for the separation of the king and church?
    Thomas More
  11. What is promised by the 1623 Royal Letter?
    • -lord of 200 acres for each immigrant
    • -independence in land ownership
  12. What country produced the greatest number of immigrants to the Americas?
  13. What was the population of England during the 17th century?
    4-5 million
  14. Name the percentage of British immigrants that were indentured servants?
  15. Indentured servants gave up what for safe passage to the new world?
    Freedom for 5-7 years
  16. Why were indentured servants like slaves?
    • -could be bought and sold
    • -could not marry without permission
    • -their contracts could be bought up
  17. What was the first elected assembly of 1619?
    House of Burgesses
  18. Even though 80% of Jamestown's inhabitants died of dysentary and typhoid within 9 years, why did so many English settlers travel to the colony?
    promise of land and independence
  19. What did the House of Burgesses establish?
    political precedent for the other colonies
  20. What religion did Pocahontas convert too?
  21. The peace of 1614 concluded with?
    Pocahontas's marriage to John Rolfe
  22. What was Virginia's policy during the 1600's in reference to the natives?
    • -natives forfeit land when declaring war
    • -expulsion to outlying areas of Virginia
  23. What uprising in 1622 was quelled by the colonists?
    Uprising of 1622
  24. Who was the governor of Virginia Company and oversaw its policy?
    Francis Wyatt (1588-1644)
  25. What was the result of 1644?
    • -natives moved to reservation areas to the west
    • -natives entering English territory subject to death
    • -England preoccupied with other events overseas
  26. What was the last ditch effort by the natives in 1644?
    Rebellion of 1644
  27. What was the substitute for gold during the 1600s?
  28. What was King Charles gift to Calvert?
  29. What movement ridicules the Protestant Reformation?
  30. Cecilius Calvert was also known as?
    2nd baron of Baltimore
  31. What institutionalized religious toleration and stabilized the colonies?
    Act Concerning Religion (1649)
  32. The central right for practice was known as?
  33. Who is the founder of the Puritan movement and associated with the phrase "elect or damned"?
    John Calvin (1509-1564)
  34. What is meant by predestination?
    predetermined by god
  35. What were some of the Puritanical beliefs?
    • -preach against excess
    • -firm belief in themselves
    • -convey god to the rest of the world
    • -power corrupted church
    • -defiance of monarchy
  36. What was the legacy of the Puritans?
    • -great reliance on knowledge and intellect
    • -rational thought and reason
    • -institutions for higher learning
  37. In 1636 what institution was established for Puritannical higher learning?
    Harvard University
  38. Who restores the Catholic Church in England?
    Charles I
  39. What was known as the "city upon a hill"?
    Puritan church
  40. What was the motto of the Puritan Church?
    colony, church, motherland
  41. What was John Winthrop (1587-1649) known for?
    natural vs. moral liberty
  42. Name the first Puritan group?
  43. What was the first written form of government?
    Mayflower Compact
  44. Where did the Pilgrims settle?
    Plymouth plantation in Cape Cod
  45. Puritan cause and obtainment of wealth spread from?
    Massachusetts Bay Colony
  46. 21K puritans settling in the Massachusetts bay colony was known as?
    The Great Migration
  47. What did the law of 1647 establish?
    every town required to establish a school
  48. What did the "Body of LIberties" (1641) establish for the colonists?
    • -allows for slavery
    • -capital punishment
    • -worshipping other than god
  49. Who establishes Rhode Island colony?
    Roger Williams (1603-1683)
  50. Who established Hartford colony and the "Fundamental Orders (1639)"?
    Thomas Hooker (1586-1647)
  51. Connecticut is made up of what 2 colonies?
    New Haven & Hartford
  52. What was the result of the Pequot War of 1639?
    colonists wipeout name of tribe from history
  53. What is established by King John and a group of barons through the Magna Carta?
    rights of Englishmen
  54. The Magna Carta (1215) is also known as?
    The Great Charter
  55. During the 1640s England's civil war was between what 2 sides?
    King & parliament
  56. Who was despised by the English populace for taking away the power of the king during the 1600s?
    Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658)
  57. Who restored the English monarchy?
    Charles II
  58. Where was Oliver Cromwell's body posthumously hung?
    Westminster Abbey
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