HCCC A&P I Lab Test II

  1. Function: Closes Eyes
    Muscle: Orbicularis oculi

    OR-bi-CU-lar-is O-cu-li
  2. Function: Raises lateral corners of mouth upward
    Muscle: Zygomaticus major and minor

  3. Function: Closes lips
    Muscle: Orbicularis oris

    OR-bi-CU-lar-IS Or-is
  4. Function: Prime mover of jaw closure (chewing)
    Muscle: Masseter

  5. Function: Depreses mandible & pulls lower lip back and down.
    Muscle: Platysma (greek for plate)

  6. Function: flexion of neck forward and rotate head toward shoulder on opposite side.
    Muscle: sternocleidomastoid

  7. Function: Prime mover of arm flexion; adducts medially rotates arm.
    Muscle: Pectoralis major
  8. Function: Acting as a whole, prime mover of arm abduction
    Muscle: Deltoid
  9. Function: with ribs fixed, draws scapula forward and inferiorly.
    Muscle: Pectoralis minor
  10. Function: pulls ribs toward one another to elevate rib cage.
    Muscle: Exteral intercostals
  11. Function: Dra ribs together to depress rib cage.
    Muscle: Internal intercostals
  12. Function: Prime mover of inspiration flattens on contraction.
    Muscle: Diaphragm
  13. Function: Flexes and rotates vertebral column
    Muscle: Rectus abdominis
  14. Function: truck rotation and lateral flexion.
    Muscle: External oblique
  15. Function: raises, rotates, and retracts (adducts) scapula and stabilies it.
    Muscle: Trapezius
  16. Function: Prime mover of arm extension; adducts and medially rotates arm.
    Latissimus dorsi
  17. Function: Powerful forearm extensor
    Muscle: Triceps brachil
  18. Function: Flexion (powerful) of elbow and supination of forearm
    Muscle: Biceps bracii
  19. Function: flexes distal phalanges
    Muscle: Flexor digitorum profundus
  20. Function: Prime mover of finger extension.
    Extensor digitorum
  21. Function: Flexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh; flexes knee.
    Muscle: Satorius
  22. Function: Extends knee and flexes thigh at hip.
    Muscle: Quadriceps femoris
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