1. marriage
    culturally agreed upon union between 2+ people that comes with agreements and obligations
  2. consanguinal kin
    blood relatives
  3. affinal kin
    people related through marriage
  4. incest taboo
    prohibition of sex within a family group
  5. endogamy
    marriage within a group
  6. exogamy
    marriage outside a group
  7. serial monogomy
    married to a series of monogomous partners
  8. polyandry
    polygamy for women
  9. group marriage
    marriage in which a group of people are married to each other
  10. fictive marriage
    a marriage in which the spouse is not present, but the person is married to them anyway (Nuer cattle herders)
  11. parallel cousin
    child of a father's brother or mother's sister
  12. cross cousin
    child of a father's sister or a mother's brother
  13. bridewealth
    money paid to a bride's family by the groom's family
  14. bride service
    dedicated period of time where the bride works for the husband's family
  15. dowry
    payment of women's inheritance at the time of the marriage
  16. family
    2+ people related by blood, marriage or adoption
  17. household
    basic residential unit where economic production, consumption, inheritance and shelter happen
  18. nuclear family
    group consisting of 1/2 parents+ offspring
  19. patrilocal
    people live near father's residence
  20. ambilocal
    couples can choose either mother/father's place
  21. neolocal
    establish new residence away from m/f's place
  22. unilineal
    descent that establishes group membership based exclusively off of one line of descent
  23. sex with dave
    necessary within the next couple of days or I will actually lose my mind
  24. fission
    when a kinship group breaks in half
  25. ego
    the person from whom the degree of relationship is traced
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