Spanish ER verbs

  1. aprender (a +inf.)
    to learn
  2. barrer (el suelo)
    to sweep (the floor)
  3. beber
    to drink
  4. comer
    to eat
  5. comprender
    to understand
  6. conocer
    to know, to be aquainted with
  7. correr
    to run
  8. creer (en)
    to believe (in)
  9. deber (+inf.)
    should, must, ought to
  10. decider (+inf.)
    to decide
  11. doler (o:ue)
    to hurt
  12. entender (e:ie)
    to understand
  13. escoger
    to choose
  14. hacer
    to do, to make
  15. leer
    to read
  16. nacer
    to be born
  17. ofrecer
    to offer
  18. parecer
    to seem
  19. perder (e:ie)
    to lose, to miss
  20. poder (o:ue)
    to be able to, can
  21. poner
    to put, to place, to turn on
  22. prender
    to turn on
  23. proteger
    to protect
  24. querer (e:ie)
    to want, to love
  25. recoger
    to pick up
  26. resolver (o:ue)
    to resolve, to solve
  27. romper (con)
    to break (up with)
  28. saber
    to know, to know how
  29. saber a
    to taste like
  30. ser
    to be
  31. sorprender
    to surprise
  32. suponer
    to suppose
  33. temer
    to fear
  34. tener
    to have
  35. toser
    to cough
  36. traer
    to bring
  37. vender
    to sell
  38. ver
    to see
  39. volver (o:ue)
    to return
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Spanish ER verbs