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  1. emotional Christian songs sung by slaves in the south that mixed African and European elements and usually expressed slaves' religious beliefs
  2. the supreme court's power to declare acts of Congress unconstitutional
    judicial review
  3. belief that the power of the federal government regarding the states is strictly limited
    states' rights
  4. Congressional act that authorized the removal of American Indiains who lived east of the Mississippi River
    Indian Removal Act 1830
  5. Indian territory
    most of Oklahoma;used to live in FL
  6. Industrial Revolution
    Period of rapid growth in the use of machines in the manufacturing and production that began in the mid-1700s
  7. Mass Production
    efficient production of large numbers of indentical goods
  8. trade unions
    workers' organizations that try to improve pay and working conditions
  9. strikes
    workers refusing to do their jobs until employers meet their demands
  10. began in early 1800s;rapid growthin the speed and convenience of transportation
  11. (1824)Supreme court ruling that federal law has priority over equivalent state law;expanded definition of interstate commerce
    Gibbons v. Ogden
  12. Machine invented by Samuel F. B. Morse in1837 that uses pulses of electric current to send messages from distances
  13. Why was Mississippi River and New Orlean important to Americans?
    Its important part of American Trade
  14. DId the Americans feel proud after the war of 1812?
    yes, after the hard war they were proud of what they had gained
  15. What were the 2 main factory systems and characteristics?
    Rhode Island System: worker in poor communities,men w/ families,families,dividing factory work in simple tasks. Lowell System:hired young women
  16. Compare and Contrast Deere and Cyrus's contributions to farming
    made farming cheap and fast,more crops;Cyrus became millionare
  17. cotton production increased...
  18. why did slavery seem to decline
    collecting cotton was slow and difficult,Noth completely abolished slavery,landowners cut production,slave owners freed slaves
  19. A dispute btween SC and the federal government in the late 1820s over the states' rights to nullify an unpopular law
  20. President Andrew Jackson's unofficial group of advisors
    kitchen cabinet
  21. President's official group of advisors
  22. device invented by Eli Whitney 1793 to separate cotton plants' fibers from seeds
    cotton gin
  23. Politicans' practice of giving gov. jobs to their supporters
    spoils system
  24. canal that ran from Albany to Buffalo, NY: completed in 1825
    Erie Canal
  25. Henry Clay's plan for raising tax to pay for internal improvements such as better roads and canals
    American System
  26. (1820) Agreement by Henry Clay that allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state
    Missouri Compromise
  27. 1823 President James Monroe's statement fobidding further colonization in the Americas and declaring that the US would view any attempt by a foriegn country to colonize as a hostile act
    Monroe Doctrine
  28. Sequoya
    produced Cherokee writing system
  29. John C. Calhoun
    former VP of Jackson but resigned in support of his state SC b of nullification crisis;believed in states' rights
  30. reserved,cold, and upper class;ppl against him bc of family line;had good ideas of land(streets and canals..)won as President,lost 2nd term
    John Q. Adams
  31. Lincoln's Hero,knows how to compromise,believed the key to avoiding conflicts was to link the country together w/ a national economy
    Henry Clay
  32. President during "the Era of good Feelings"- while the US resolved several conflicts w/ foreign powers
    James Monroe
  33. Old Hickory,self taught, poor, tempered,president,honest;president of common man,won battle of New Orleans
    Andrew Jackson
  34. president during war of 1812, father of constitution, originally opposed amending the Constitution, but later put together its first set of admendments
    James Madison
  35. explored the west to find the Red River (lousiana purchase) and spy on spanish outposts;got arrested but felt positive of business;Pike's Peak
    Zebulan Pike
  36. Shoshone Indian girl who was very helpful in Lewis and Clark expedition across great plains
  37. Lewis and Clark
    chosen by jefferson and prepared to explore a long journey to west(great plains) with helpful Sacagawea and her husband;end Pacific Ocean
  38. Napolean
    general from france who sold US the lousiana purchase bc needed money for the war with britain
  39. cheif justice of the US;his ruling established judicial review
    John Marshall
  40. famous American writer who used satire and made humorious american history stories;wrote "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
    Washington Irving
  41. 1831 Rebellion in which Nat Turner led a group of slave in VA to overthrow and kill planter families
    Nat Turner's Rebellion
  42. made interchangeable parts for gurns and perfected the cotton gin which increased slavery
    Eli Whitney
  43. started textile business for US;british mechanic,created Pawtucket mill,built factory,ran mill and machinery
    Samuel Slater
  44. business man;ideas:waterpowered loom and hire young women (Lowell System);completely changed textile industry
    Francis Cabot Lowell
  45. Samuel F. B. Morse
    invented the telegraph-morse code
  46. John Deere
    invented steel plow which blades helps soil not stick
  47. Cyrus McCormick
    became millionare,invented mechanical reaper,steam engine technology,factory
  48. Issac Singer
    invented sewing machine
  49. name three indians
    cherokee,chocktaw,and seminole
  50. nationalism
    pride for country
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