Lspine Projections

  1. For AP projection, where is the CR?
    • At L4-L5
    • Illiac Crest Line.
  2. For AP L5 - S1, where is the CR? How much do you angle?
    Direct 30-35 degrees cephalad level of asis.
  3. Where is the CR for an oblique projection?
    2 inch medial to the upside of asis and 1 1/2 inch above crest.
  4. What does the oblique proejction show?
    Spophyseal joints closest to he film and scotty dog.
  5. For lateral, where is the CR?
    • At the level of illiac crest (L4-L5)
    • For 11x14, 1 1/2 nch above illiac crest.
  6. What do you see in a lateral projection?
    opens up the intervertebral foramina.
  7. Where is the CR for a lateral L5-S1?
    CR 1 1/2 inch below crestand 2 inches posterior to asis.
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