script_Arrests made at Occupy event in New York park

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    New York police arrested protesters who were celebrating the six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street by massing on a square near the stock exchange over the weekend.
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    Chaotic scenes unfolded at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan’s financial district on Saturday night and early yesterday morning when officers broke up the peaceful rally attended by about 600 people at the site where the Occupy movement started in September last year.
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    There were no immediate official figures on the total number of arrests, but reporters saw more than a dozen.
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    Three women hurt in the clashes could be seen in an ambulance and several other ambulances were deployed to the site, their sirens joining the wailing of police squad cars that raced down the neighborhood’s narrow streets.
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    By the early hours of yesterday morning demonstrators had dispersed from the area, but a heavy police presence remained and Zuccotti Park, which had earlier been filled with protesters singing, chanting and beating drums, was eerily empty and surrounded by metal barricades.
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    Earlier, left-wing film maker Michael Moore had joined the crowd in the square, chanting: “All day, all week, occupy Wall Street!”
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    The rally, which began in the evening, grew bigger when reinforcements arrived, with protesters saying they were ready to stay in the square into the night. Shortly before midnight, protesters erected a makeshift tent of cardboard and tarpaulin, in contravention of rules banning shelters in the park.
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    As soon as police moved in, tempers rose, although there was little violence from protesters. Several people could be seen being roughly pushed and subdued by officers.
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    Witnesses said one woman suffered a seizure after being handcuffed, but was not given proper medical attention for several minutes.
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    Before rallying at Zuccotti Park, protesters had marched on nearby Wall Street, resulting in another unspecified number of arrests, police said.
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script_Arrests made at Occupy event in New York park
Arrests made at Occupy event in New York park