MGMT Sample questions 3

  1. The primary disadvantage of customer departmentalization is ____.
  2. Robert Strickland works in the legal department at a large consumer products manufacturer. It is his job to craft warnings on package labels. This is Strickland's ____.
    staff function
  3. The marketing manager of a company that manufactures church furniture has been given the job of increasing corporate profits by 5 percent during the upcoming year. The manager decided to give his assistant the full responsibility and authority for developing a mailing campaign to target churches on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In other words, the marketing manager has ____.
    delegated the task
  4. Which of the following approaches to job redesign entails more than simply providing additional variety in job tasks?
    the job characteristics model
  5. The ____ is purposefully composed of employees from different functional areas of the organization.
    cross-functional team
  6. Minority domination tends to be a particular problem in ___.
    groups of ten or larger
  7. A group in Great Britain has been established to improve the employment, retention, and promotion prospects of black and other ethnic minorities as well as women in the Fire and Rescue Service, which at present has a largely white, male demographic. At its inception, this group was in the ____ stage of team development.
  8. The city of College Station, Texas has implemented a program to reward employees for finding ways to save money for the city through improved operations and innovations. The city government is using ____.
  9. All job applicants for a position in an interior design company were given 10 swatches of fabrics of different colors and textures, 30 different paint chips, and 6 different floor treatments. They were then told to select the best fabric, paint, and floor treatment for an office. What type of selection test was used in this example?
    aptitude testing
  10. ____ is the loss of high-performing employees who voluntarily choose to leave a company.
    Dysfunctional turnover
  11. A manufacturer of acrylic and latex gloves sells to medical laboratories, to factories where employees handle chemicals, to companies that manufacture micro-tech equipment, and to cleaning services. Because it is organized to better satisfy the needs of each of its
    four target markets, the manufacturer uses ____ departmentalization.
  12. ____ is the degree to which a job is perceived to have a substantial impact on others inside or outside the organization.
    Task significance
  13. In general, ____ is most effective for self-managing and self-directing teams performing complex tasks, while ____ works best in relatively stable environments where employees can focus on improving the productivity, cost savings, or quality of their current work system.
    skill-based pay; gainsharing
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