Ellen Quiz - LSpine

  1. How many cervical vertebraes are there?
  2. How many Thorasic Vertebraes are there?
  3. How many Lumbar Vertberaes are there?
  4. How many average bones in the vertebral column for a young child is..
    33 vertebral bones.
  5. How many vertebral columns does an average adult have?
    26 seperate bones.

    • C1-C7, T1-T12, L1-L5
    • Sacrum (5)
    • Coccyx (4)
  6. The cervical and lumbar curvatures have a concave curvature but is described as..
  7. What kind of curvature does the thorasic and sacral curvature have?
    It has a convex curvature.
  8. When does the lumbar curvature develop?
    When kids learn how to walk.
  9. What are the two CONVEX curves knwon as?
    They're known as PRIMARY curves.
  10. The two CONCAVE curvatures are known as..
    Compensatory curves
  11. What is lordosis?
    Normal curvature of cervical and lumbar vertebraes. Also when the lumbar spine is too CONCAVE
  12. What is Kyphosis?
    When Thorasic Spine is too CONVEX
  13. What does the typical vertbrae consist?
    • 2 pedicles
    • 2 laminae
    • Two transverse Processes
    • 1 Spinous process
    • 1 Body
    • 4 Articualr Surfaces (2 superior and 2 inferior)
  14. What does the zygopophsyeal joints consist of?
    Made up by superior and inferior articulating surfaces forming a joint.
  15. Where does the ribs articualte with on a vertebrae?
    Transverse process
  16. What makes up the intervertebral foramina?
    • The lower and upper portions of the pedicle.
    • AKA Superior vertebral notch and inferior vertebral notch
  17. Pars interarticularis is formed is the..
    portion of the lamina between the superior and inferior articular surface.
  18. For the scotty dog... The Ear is the...
    Superior articular process.
  19. For the scotty dog, the nose is the...
    Transverse process.
  20. For the scotty dog, the eye is the..
  21. In th scotty dog... the neck is...
    the Pars interarticularis.
  22. The leg of the scotty dog is the....
    Inferior articular process.
  23. What kind of joints are the zygapophyseal joints classified as?
    They are synovial joints and are diarthrodial with gliding movement.
  24. What projection shows the intervertebral foramina?
    Lateral projection shows it best.
  25. The zygapophyseal joints are shown best with which projection?
    45 degrees obliquie.
  26. The lower coastal margin is at what level of the Lspine?
  27. The level of illiac crest is at what level of the L spine?
  28. ASIS is found at what level of..
  29. Xiphoid tip is at what levle of the t spine?
    xiphoid tip is at T9-T10
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