U.S. History Terms III

  1. Bond
    Certificate that promises to pay the holder a sum of money plus interest on a certain date.
  2. National debt
    Money a government owes.
  3. Speculator
    Person who invest in a risky venture in hopes of making a large profit.
  4. Tariff/Tax/Duty
    Tax on goods brought into a country.
  5. Alien
  6. Sedition
    Stirring up rebeillion. (think incite!)
  7. Nullify
    Cancel, such as a law.
  8. Democratic
    Ensuring that all people have the same rights.
  9. Laissez faire
    French term meaning let alone, Reffered to the idea that government should not interfere in people's lives. (think hands-off!)
  10. Impressment
    Act of seizing men from a ship or village and forcing them to serve in the navy.
  11. Embargo
    Ban on trade with another country.
  12. Nationalism
    Pride in or devotion to one's country.
  13. War Hawks
    Members of Congress who wanted war with Britain in 1812.
  14. Capitalists
    Person who invests money in busines.
  15. Factory system
    Method of producing goods that bring workers & machines together in one place.
  16. Interchangeable parts
    Identical parts of a tool or intrument that are made by machine.
  17. Era of Good Feelings
    The period from 1816 to 1823, when the decline of th Federalist Party and the end of the War of 1812 gave rise to a time of political cooperation.
  18. Segregation
    Separation of people of different races.
  19. Protective tariff
    Tax place on goods from another country to protect home industry.
  20. American System
    Plan devised by Henry Clat providing for high tariffs and internal improvements.
  21. Suffrage
    Right to vote.
  22. Nominating conventions
    Meeting at which a political party selects a candidate.
  23. Caucus
    Private meeting of political leaders to choose a candidate.
  24. Spoils system
    Practice of giving government jobs to loyal supporters.
  25. Old Hickory
    Nickname for President Andrew Jackson.
  26. Kitchen cabinet
    Group of unofficial advisers to President Andrew Jackson.
  27. Pet banks
    State banks used by President Andrew Jackson and Roger Taney for government money.
  28. Tariff of Abominations
    Name given by southerners to the Tariff of 1828.
  29. Nullification
    Idea of declaring a federal law illegal.
  30. States' rights
    Idea that individual states has the right to limit the power of the federal government.
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