Vocabulary 17 & 18

  1. amiable
    friendly and likable
  2. baleful
    sinister; threatening
  3. criterion
    a standard on which decisions can be based a basis for comparison
  4. devoid
    completely lacking; empty
  5. dormant
    inactive as though asleep
  6. eulogy
    an admiring speech or written tribute, usually for someone who has died
  7. iconoclast
    a person who attacks and seeks to destroy popular ideas or traditions
  8. instigate
    to provoke
  9. marginal
    barely meeting the lowest standard; of minimal quality
  10. peerless
    without equal; matchless
  11. prone
    • 1. lying face down
    • 2. having a tendacy
  12. repel
    to drive away; to ward off
  13. serene
    very calm; untroubled
  14. tactless
    careless about the feelings of others; rude
  15. unfathomable
    difficult or impossible to understand
  16. assimilate
    • 1. to absorb mentally
    • 2. to be absorbed into a larger group
  17. colloquial
    characteristic of informal speech
  18. dirge
    a mournful hymn or poem
  19. epithet
    a word or phrase used to describe a person or thing, sometimes abusively
  20. festoon
    to decorate with a garland; to decorate as one with a garland
  21. hamper
    to prevent progress or movement
  22. induce
    to bring about; to cause
  23. matriarchal
    pertaining to rule or leadership by women or mothers
  24. niche
    • 1. a recess in the wall
    • 2. an activity or position well suited to a person's interests or abilities
  25. perfidy
    deliberate betrayal of trust or faith
  26. prophetic
    foretelling events as though supernaturally
  27. rehabilitate
    to restore or to be restored to good health or productive life
  28. simultaneous
    occurring or existing at the same time
  29. surmise
    to conclude from little evidence; guess
  30. vigilante
    one who enforces the law or punishes criminals without having authority to do so
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