1. Pon, pos
  2. Depose
    • V
    • 1. (literally, "put down") put out of office; dethrone
    • 2. State under oath; testify; swear
    • Bob deposed on the witness stand that he did not steal the rubber ducky.
  3. Impose
    • Verb
    • Put on as a burden, duty, tax, etc.; inflict
    • Dont let crissy give you her job and impose in on you.
  4. Postpone
    • Verb
    • (literally, "put after") put off; defer; delay
    • The game got postponed due to rain.
  5. Superimpose
    • Verb
    • Put on top of or over; attach as an addition
    • Todays snow superimposed a new layer of snow on top of the older snow.
  6. Transpose
    • Verb
    • (literally, "put across") change the relative order of; interchange
    • Crissy transposes music for jazz.
  7. Scrib, script
  8. Conscript
    • Verb
    • Enroll (write down) into military service by compulsion; draft
    • When the army needs more people, people conscript to the army.
  9. Inscription
    • Noun
    • Something inscribed (written) on a monument, coin, etc.
    • The inscription on the statue said that it was a statue of the mayor.
  10. Prescribe
    • Verb
    • (literally, "write before")
    • 1. Order; dictate; direct
    • 2. Order as a remedy
    • The docter prescribed me medicine to get rid of my cold.
  11. Proscribe
    • Verb
    • Condemn as harmful or illegal; prohibit; forbid
    • Murdering a person is proscribed.
  12. Scribe
    • Noun
    • Person who writes; author; journalist
    • J.k.rowling is a scribe.
  13. script
    • noun
    • 1.written text of a play, speech, etc.
    • 2. handwriting; penmanship
    • Actors have to memorize scripts for plays.
  14. subscriber
    • noun
    • one who writes his or her name at the end of a document, thereby indicating approval; one who regularly receives a magazine, newspaper, etc.
    • I am a subscriber to a magazine, so i get one every month.
  15. simil, simul
    similar, like, same
  16. assimilate
    • verb
    • 1. make similar or like
    • 2. take in and incorperate as one's own; absorb
    • A smart student assimilates knowledge rapidly.
  17. dissimilar
    • adj
    • opposite of similar; unlike; different
    • Cats are dissimilar to dogs.
  18. similarity
    • noun
    • likeness; resemblance
    • The size of pennys and dimes are a similarity.
  19. similie
    • noun
    • comparison of two unlike things introduced by like or as
    • A similie is: as quiet as a mouse.
  20. simulate
    • verb
    • give the appearance of; feign; imitate
    • I tried to simulate my sister, by acting like her.
  21. simultaneous
    • adj
    • existing or happening at the same time; contemporary; concurrent
    • My sister and I tend to do thing simultaneously.
  22. sol, soli
    alone, lonely, single
  23. desolate
    • verb
    • (literally, "make lonely or deprive of inhabitants"); lay waste; ravage; devastate
    • The band kids desolated the band wing when they left for canada.
  24. desolate
    • adj
    • left alone; deserted; forlorn; abandoned; foresaken
    • The band wing is desolate because everyone left for canada.
  25. sole
    • adj
    • one and only; single; lone
    • I shall be the sole person in the band wing tomorrow morning.
  26. soliloquy
    • noun
    • speech made to oneself when alone
    • Soliloquy is a fancy term for talking to yourself.
  27. solitary
    • adj
    • opposite of accompanied; being or living alone; without companions
    • The band wing is solitary without the kids that went to canada.
  28. solitude
    • noun
    • condition of being alone; loneliness; seclusion
    • Tomorrow morning when I get to school early i will be in complete solitude.
  29. solo
    • noun
    • musical composition (or anything) performed by a single person
    • I had a solo last year and had to play my trumpet all by myself.
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