1. What is the formula for Ad Ranking?
    Ad Rank = Quality Score * Max Bid
  2. Display Network CTR %?

    But will have higher Conversion Rate
  3. What is not Allowed in an image ad?
    • FLASH
    • -must be family safe.
  4. Location Targeting User

    User sees ad depending on what criteria?
    • -IP Address
    • -Google Domain
    • -Query Parsing
  5. What is a conversion goal in Google Analytics?
    Goal = Conversion
  6. What is AD Ranking?
    How do your ad rank compared to others in the auction

    Adrank = Max CPC * Quality Score
  7. What is the difference between the external & internal Keyword tool?
    Internal keyword opt. is tied to the adwords account.

    External keyword tool is a tool that is not connected to adwords account
  8. How do you decide Value for bidding between CPC & CPM?
    (On Display Network)
    • eCPM
    • (Effective Cost Per 1000)
  9. Can you set a max bid on automatic bidding?
    Yes! You can set a max bid on automatic bidding
  10. Which two types are Keyword are avaliable on the Google Display Network?
    • Broad Keyword
    • Negative Keyword
  11. Which kind of Keyword Match Type can you add at the campaign level?
    Only negative Keywords
  12. What is Negative Match Keyword
    • * Most important of all Match Types
    • Excludes words like:
    • Free, Cheap,

    *Comes from Broad Match Types
  13. What is Broad Match Type?
    Greated Coverage Keyword

    Includes Misspelling, Variation, and Plurals
  14. What is Contextual Targeting?
    Keywords that match the content of the web page on the Display Network.
  15. What are two settings cant be changed after you set up an Ad Words Account?
    • - Time Zone
    • - Currency
  16. What are the Four levels of account Access?
    • Administrative
    • Standard
    • Read only
    • Email only
  17. What does the Adwords Home Page Show?
    Summary of all online Campaigns.
  18. What can the Adword account holder control in MY ACCOUNT?
    • 1. Who can access account
    • 2. Change alerts, preferences
    • 3. Account preferences (personal info)
  19. What are the s Six Adwords Tabs?
    • Home
    • Campaign
    • Opportunities
    • Reporting - Tools & Analysis
    • Billing
    • My Account
  20. Mobile WAP information
    • uml (WAP1.x)
    • xhtml (2.0)
    • Chtml (I mode)
    • PDA - compliant html
  21. Does advertising performance on the GDN affect perfermance on the Search Network?
    NO - Quality Score is calculated separately for the Google Display Network and the Search Network.
  22. Do Negative Match Types keywords have an effect on the display network?
    Yes, Negative Match Types will effect showing up on display network but not completely and not all the time
  23. What is MDS?
    Managed Defined Spend

    Allows you to control budget and spend for all clients on the MCC.
  24. What is AD Standard Delivery?
    Google tries to show ad evenly throughout the day. So you can get clicks throughout the day.
  25. Quality Score is based on what three things?
    • - CTR
    • - Relevance
    • -Landing Page
  26. How do you calculate CTR?
    (Click Through Rate)
    Clicks over Impressions

    #Ad Clicks / # Impressions
  27. What is a Good Precentage of CTR?
    1% to 2% Click Through Rate
  28. Animated Image Ads can be formatted how?
    Flash or GIF
  29. Static Image ads (Graphic) can be formatted how?
    • .Gif
    • .jpeg
    • .png
  30. Location Targeting Advertiser

    What 3 things does the advertiser select?
    • * Country / Territory - Bundeling
    • * Region / City
    • *Customized - Radius
  31. What is the lowest level of access to an Adword express account?
    Read Only

    Email can not access the adwords account
  32. What is a bulk upload with Adword express?
    100 or more location
  33. What is the Ad Ranking Formula?
    Quality Score * Max Bid = Ad Rank
  34. How often is a Quality Score updated?
    • Everytime someone does a search query.
    • Around 5000 a sec.
  35. Content =
    Google Display Network
  36. What is Placement Targeting?
    Picking the websites you want to be on.

    (Manual, Managed, Placement)
  37. What help writing script, edit, production and voice overs?
    • Ad Creation Market Place
    • (3rd party venders)
  38. Broad Match Type Keywords

    Benefit - Lots of exposure

    Danger - Irrelevant Clicks
  39. What is:
    • Cost per Click
    • Cost per 1000 Impressions
    • Cost per Acquisition
  40. What tool manage multiple Ad Words Accounts?
    MCC - My Client Center
  41. What are the THREE R's?
    Relevance - Target ads

    ROI - Measurable, accountability

    Reach - Any segment of world wide audience
  42. How many Ad words Accounts can a business have?
    A business can only have one adwords account.
  43. What is the Google Display Network?
    The network that display adwords ads on opted in websites, blogs, news, reviews, and magazines.
  44. Two General Categories of online Ad goals?
    Direct Response - Do something

    Branding - Spread awareness of your business name,
  45. What is Phrase Match type keyword?
    Phrase Match narrows your reach by requiring the keywords to appear in that exact order.

    "Red Roses"
  46. What is Exact Match type keyword?
    • Exact Match further narrows your reach by showing your ad when the exact phrase is used in the search —
    • without any other words before, between, or after.

    [Red Roses]
  47. Why should I bother with adwords when I show up #1 in the organic listing?
    To control the message being sent to potential customers

    *Add specials, events, pricing, sales, etc.
  48. What is Googles Mission?
    To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
  49. What is the foundational wat to set up your campaign?
    Look at the advertisers Website.
  50. What is the Search Base Keyword Tool?
    Its a tool that looks at your website and shows you potential keywords that are frequent and important to the website for the ad.
  51. Do keyword match types have an effect on the GDN?
    Yes and No. The Google Display Network is content specific. So a negative keyword may stop your ad from showing but not all of the time.
  52. What is Enhanced Placement?
    When the advertisers chooses the web site (GDN) he wants to be places on and chooses contextual keyword to show up with.

    Now an advertiser can show up on the food network, but only when a user is reading about SOUL FOOD.
  53. What are 3 best practices for Rich Media Display Ads?
    • 1. Set effective bids and budgets
    • 2. Customize your ad
    • 3. Try different display options
  54. Why might Rich Media Display Ads be subject to multiple advertising policies and guiedlines?
    Because they can contain a mix of content types such as Text, Flash, Video, or Images.

    Eash has a different policies and guidelines to follow.
  55. What are FOUR best practices for mobile image ads?
    • 1. Get Started -start early and start strong
    • 2. Craft your Campaings wisely - think differently than other campaings
    • 3. Find your mobile Customers - Be Where Your Customer Is
    • 4 Measure and Experiment - Practice Makes Perfect.
  56. What format can Mobile Image ads be in?

    What about Animated Mobile Image ads?
    Mobile Image ads - .gif, .jpg, .png

    Animated Mobile Image ads - .Gif
  57. What are the Text Size Guidelines for a WAP mobile text ad?
    12 or 18 Characters

    *Base on Language
  58. What 4 Mobile Markup languages does Adwords support?
    • 1. wml (WAP1.x)
    • 2. xhtml (WAP2.0)
    • 3. chtml ( Imode, etc)
    • 4. PDA - (Compliant html)
  59. How many days should you wait before measuring a video ad campaign's success?
    You should wait at least 30 days.
  60. What are the 4 best practices for the Opening of a click to play Image ad?
    • 1. Entice users to click play by using rich, sharp colors
    • 2. Include a few words to describe your service, or company
    • 3. Boost your play rate w/ a call to action
    • 4.Create multiple video ads w/ different opening image sizes to increase the # of placements where your ad will be elligible to appear.
  61. What 3 qualities motivate users to view most of video content?
    • 1. If the video has an entertaining story line
    • 2 If they are able to learn about your products features thru the video.
    • 3. Balanced Audio
  62. When do play rates drop off with Video Ads?
    After 45 seconds
  63. What are 4 best practices for Image Ads?
    • 1. Include clear images of the product
    • 2. Align all advertising messaging
    • 3. Interactivity can be effective
    • 4. If you have a multi - ad campaign, make sure each ad stands on it own merit.
  64. How long do you have to catch the audence's attention w/ an Image ad?
    You have 3 seconds
  65. What is the size limit for an Image ad?
  66. What are 4 tips for writing Targeted Ad Text
    • 1. Create simple, enticing ads
    • 2. Include prices and promotions
    • 3. Use a strong call to action
    • 4. Include one of your Keywords in your ad text.
  67. What are the 3 categories of Adwords Text Policy?
    • 1. Editorial and Format (Text)
    • 2. Content (Products or services)
    • 3. Link (Display and Destination URL)
  68. What is a "Rich Media Ads"?

    Where can you find the templates to build a rich media ad?
    Ads that inclide Video ads, Flash Animated ads, and ads that mix text and animated content amd designs to more actively engage the user.

    Build it in "Display Ad Builder"
  69. To creat a new Mobile Ad. What Image option should you choose?
    WAP Image Ad
  70. What kind of ads do Mobile devices w/ full internet browsers display?
    Standard Adwords Text, Image, and Video ads
  71. What is the Mobile Display Network?
    Mobile websites that host Google Ads.
  72. When users browse the internet on their mobile phones, when do mobile ads appear?
    When users search on as well as browse our Mobile Display Network.
  73. What is the basic difference between ads that appear on desk-top computers and those that appear on mobile phones?
    Mobile Ads are smaller
  74. What network must you be on to use Video Ads?
    Google Display Network
  75. Where can Video Ads Appear?
    In, with, or around video content on Google, YouTube and Publishing Partners
  76. What tool can help you to create a professional looking image ad?
    Display Ad Builder
  77. Where do Image Ads appear?
    Google Display Network Sites
  78. What are image Ads?
    Graphical Ads that can be Static or Animated
  79. When does ad text ad appear in bold lettering?
    Whenever the text matches or nearly matches a user search query
  80. Where can Google Text Ads appear?
    • 1. Google
    • 2. Search Partners
    • 3. Google Display Network
  81. What is another name for text ads?
    Sponsored Links
  82. Name and Describe the 2 types of Ad Rotation
    • 1. Optimize (Default)
    • -system will favor ads that have a combo of higher CTR and Quality Score
    • 2. Rotate - Each ad enters the ad auction an approximately equal # of times.
  83. What Settings can you edit from the Campaigns tab?
    • Locations
    • Languages
    • Networks and Devices
    • Bidding Option
    • Budget
    • Ad Scheduling
    • Ad Rotation
    • Frequency Capping
  84. What is In-Line Editing?
    • A way to change your ads, keywords, placements, and bids right where you see them in your account.
    • It allows you to quickly edit a single campaigns nams, status, or budget.
  85. Where can you create Custom alerts?
    • In a specific campaign and ad group
    • In the key words tab - select Alert
    • Drop down to create a "custom alert"
  86. List 4 reasons you might recieve a Critical Alert?
    • 1. Billing
    • 2. Disapproved Ads and Policy Alerts
    • 3. Campaign Maintenance
    • 4. Non Alert Communications
  87. What is a Search Query?
    A word or phrase typed into the search engine which will display a set of results that are relevant to the query.
  88. When someone does a search on Google, What two types of listings do they see in response to thier search query?

    Are these results connected?
    • 1. Organic Results (natural, free)
    • 2. Paid Listings (i.e. Ads)

    They are not connected
  89. What is an SEO?
    Search Engine Optimizer

    Builds new websites, or charging exsiting websites, so they rank higher in a search engine's organic listings.
  90. What is an SEM?
    Search Engine Manager

    The process of promoting and marking a website thru paid listing (advertisements) on search engines
  91. What are the 2 common pricing models that most search engines use for online advertising?
    • 1. Pay per click
    • 2, Cost pe thousand Impressions
  92. What are the Two general categories of online advertising goals?
    Direct Response - want user to do something ( i.e. buy, sign up, etc)

  93. Define: Click
    If a customer see's your ad and clicks on it to learn more or to do business with you, it is recorded in your account as one of these.
  94. Define: Campaign and Ad Group
    This is how an Adwords account is organized
  95. Define: Click Through Rate (CTR)
    This is a metric that helps show how your ads are performing. The more relevant your ads are, the more often users will chick on them, resulting in a higher metric.
  96. Define: Cost-Per-Click
    Under this pricing model, Adwords charges you for each click your ads recieve. You want incur and costs if your ad is displayed and users don't click it.
  97. Define: Placement
    • This is a website where you would like your ad to appear.
    • Google Display Network.
  98. Define: Maximum Cost - Per - Click
    (Max CPC)
    The Highest amount that you are willing to pay for a click on your ad.
  99. Define: Cost - Per - Thousand Impressions
    With some campaigns, you can choose to pay for views of your ad rather than clicks.
  100. Define: Quality Score
    This is the basis for measuring the relevancy of your keyword and ad to the users search terms and for determining what it will cost when someone clicks on your ad.
  101. Define: First Page Bid Estimates
    This metric estimates the bid needed for our ad to reach the first page of Google search results when the search query exactly matches your keyword.
  102. Define: Optimization
    This is the processof creating / editing keywords and ad text to improve the performance of adwords ads.
  103. Define: Keyword
    These are the terms or phrases you want to prompt your ad to appear.
  104. What tool can client managers use to manage multiple Adwords accounts?
    My Client Center
  105. Where can an advertiser go to get help with script writing, editing, production, and voice-over talent to help create ads?
    Google Partner Search

    Ad Creation Marketplace
  106. What does the "HOME" page show?
    Account Snap Shot
  107. What is the "Account Tree" And When can you see it?
    It is in the "All Online Campaigns" column.

    It allow you to navigate between campaigns and ad groups easily

    It only appears when you have multiple campaigns
  108. What 3 functions can an account holder control under the "My Account" tab?
    • 1. Account Acces
    • 2. Notification Settings
    • 3. Preferences
  109. Where are Critical account alerts displayed?

    And where will they be sent?
    Campaigs Tab at All online Campaigns Level

    Sent to your designated Google Account Email Address.
  110. True or False

    Advertisers always pay their maximum CPC?
  111. The number of individuals exposed to your ad is defined as your:
  112. What are the 3 main Caegories of AW Policies?
    • Editorial
    • Content
    • Link
  113. Why did AW create and execute advertising policies?
    To help improve your ad campaigns and the Google user's experience.
  114. What do the following ad Status designations mean:

    1. Under Review
    2. Eligible
    3. Approved
    4. Disapproved
    • 1. It hasn't been reviewed
    • 2. It can run (Google search only on "Safe Search")
    • 3. It is able to run on designated network
    • 4. Cannot run
  115. Describe:

    Family Safe

    Non-family safe

    1. safe for all - only option for display - on search as well

    2. Only on search network: Alcohal

    3. Search Network - sexual, nudity
  116. What is the Double-Serving policy?
    We do not allow advertisers or affiliates to have ads across multiple accts. for the same or similar businesses, or ads across multiple accts. triggered by the same or similar keywords.
  117. Adwords Content Policy Requires that ads and keywords be screened for products that may:
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