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  1. Review Hydrochlorothiazide. What adverse might be reported?
    Hypokalemia (increases digitalis toxicity), hyperuricemia, glucose intolerance hypercholesterolemia, sexual dysfunction
  2. What is propranolol? What is it used for?
    Beta blocker, cardiac dysrhythmias, reduce heart rate and force of contraction
  3. What is the nursing teaching for thiazides?
  4. What is acute angina? How do nitrates work to relieve pain?
    Cause vascular muscle to relax
  5. Digoxin. Why would a doctor use a loading dose?
    So that a specific level of medication can be reached in the blood
  6. Be able to describe how potassium sparing diuretics work?
    Increase the excretion of water and sodium but save potassium; bind at receptor sites in renal cell nucleus resulting in change in creation of protein
  7. What is special about Aldactone? (regarding potassium? )
    Potassium sparing diuretic
  8. How does decreased oxygen affect cardiac muscle?
  9. What is Zocor used for?
    Treat hyperlipidemia; effective in lowering LDL levels
  10. What are statins?
  11. If you suffer from angina would you exercise? What would you teach a patient about exercise?
    Sensible exercise; take sustained release nitro before exercise
  12. A patient with hypocalcemia might be placed on a thiazide diuretic. Can you describe why?
  13. Can a person build a tolerance to nitrates?
  14. Can medications be taken with, before or after antihyperlipidemic med?
    Take other meds 1 hr before or 4-6 hours after
  15. If a doc dc�s a patient�s diuretic, is it done gradually?
    Yes in order to avoid serious edema
  16. What does a dehydrated pediatric patient look like?
    Sunken fontanelles and loss of skin turgor
  17. Verapamil is used primarily as an antidysrhythmic. Remember this.
  18. Diet and exercise and weight control are used to help treat hyperlipidemia.
  19. Water follows sodium out of the cell.
  20. High bulk, high fiber, think bran.
  21. Use the pain scale before administration of pain med unless it is a scheduled order.
  22. What do narcotic �abusers look like (think Dr. House on �HOUSE� on TV)� Constipation.
  23. Dilaudid is given because it provides analgesia, but minimizes some of the side effects with Morphine.
  24. What is naloxone used for? What is the other name for this drug?
  25. Morphine given via IV should be given over 4-5 minutes.
  26. Can overdose cause cyanosis? Look this up in Edmunds. It can.
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