Biology: meiosis

  1. what is autosome mean?
    Any chromosome that does not carry genes involved in determining the sex of an individual.
  2. what is a homologous chromosomes?
    In a diploid organism, chromosomes that are similar in size, shape, and gene content. Also called homologs.
  3. what is an allele?
    A particular version of a gene.
  4. what is a karyotype?
    The distinctive appearance of all of the chromosomes in an individual, including the number of chromosomes and their length and banding patterns (after staining with dyes).
  5. what is a ploidy?
    The number of complete chromosome sets present. Haploid refers to a ploidy of 1; diploid, a ploidy of 2; triploid, a ploidy of 3; and tetraploid, a ploidy of 4.
  6. what is a polyploidy(adjective: polyploid)?
    The state of having more than two full sets of chromosomes.
  7. what is a sister chromatids?
    • The paired strands of a recently replicated chromosome, which are connected at the centromere
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  8. what is a replicated chromosome?
    • A chromosome that has been copied; consis of two linear structures joined at the centromere
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  9. what is a unreplicated chromosome?
    • A chromosome that consists of a single copy
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  10. what is a non-sister chromatids?
    • The chromosome copies in homologous chromosomes
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  11. what is a tetrad?
    • Homologous chromosomes that are joined together
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  12. what is crossing over?
    The exchange of segments of non-sister chromatids between a pair of homologous chromosomes that occurs during meiosis I.
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