Poetry Quiz

  1. aliteration
    the repitition of initial sounds of nieghnoring words
  2. allusion
    a brief reference to a person, place, or historical thing or work of art.
  3. assonace
    the repititon of vowel sounds
  4. consonance
    the repition of constant sounds
  5. connotation
    an implied meaning of a word
  6. denotation
    the literal meaning of the world; dictioanry defintion
  7. hyperbole
    an exgaerration or overstatement
  8. imagery
    language that evokes one of the five senses
  9. inversion
    the changing of the usual order of words
  10. irony
    the differnce between what happens and what is expected
  11. metaphor
    comparison of two unlike things using the verb "to be" and not using like or as
  12. extended metaphor
    a metaphor that is drawn out and is long
  13. onatopiea
    • a word that imitates the represensts
    • ex. hiss blaze
  14. personification
    giving human qualities to animals or objects
  15. portmanteau
    made up words consisiting of two actual words
  16. simile
    the comparison of two unlike things using like or as
  17. sonnet
    14 lines in lambic pentameter
  18. octave
    a stanza of 8 lines
  19. sestet
    a stanza of 6 lines
  20. quatrain
    a stanza of 4 lines
  21. couplet
    two line groups in a poem
  22. rhyme scheme
    the way a poem ryhmes are arranged with ascending letters
  23. Refrain
    two ryhmed sentences that never change at the end of each stanza
  24. slant ryhme
    ryhmes that are close but not exact

    • why/envy
    • lap/shape
  25. eye ryhme
    • based on the similaraty of spelling rather than sound
    • love/move
    • true/blue
  26. true ryhme
    the immediate recognizable norm:

    • true/blue
    • mountain/fountain
  27. internal ryhme
    when words ryhme with the same line
  28. external ryhme
    when the last words in two lines rhyme
  29. free verse
    verses composed of variable, usually ryhmed lines have to fix metrical patterns
  30. blank verse
    verse composed of variable and unryhmed lines, but havign a fix metrical pattern
  31. iambic pentameter
    a line that has 10 syllables long and is accented every second beat
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