English 202

  1. Author of "No Second Troy"
    William Butler Yeats
  2. Author of "The Second Coming"
    William Butler Yeats
  3. Author of "Sailing to Byzantium"
    William Butler Yeats
  4. Author of Dubliners and :The Dead"
    James Joyce
  5. Author of "Mrs. Dalloway in Bond Street"
    Virginia Woolf
  6. author of A Room of One's Own
    Virginia Woolf
  7. Author of The Metamorphosis
    Franz Kafka
  8. Author of the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    TS Eliot
  9. Author of "The Garden of Forking Paths"
    Jorge Luis Borges
  10. Author of "The Library of Babel"
    Jorge Luis Borges
  11. Author of "Borges and I"
    Jorge Luis Borges
  12. Author of "I Sell My Dreams"
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  13. Author of "Things Fall Apart"
    Chinua Achebe
  14. Author of "A Poem which is not green, from my country"
    Mahmoud Darwish
  15. Author of "A Season of Madness"
    Hanan Al-Shaykh
  16. Author of "We are Going"
    Ooderoo of the Tribe Noonuccal
  17. Author of "Going Home"
    Archie Weller
  18. Author of "Stale Mates"
    Eileen Chang
  19. Author of "TV people"
    Murakami Haruki
  20. Author of "Black Elk Speaks"
    John G. Neihardt and Nicholas Black Elk
  21. Author of "Yellow Woman"
    Leslie Marmon Silko
  22. In "A Poem which is not green, from my country" what does the wound represent?
    The Israeli's silencing the Palestinian culture and attempting to sterilize the various movements within the culture
  23. Why does Darwish refer to Sinbad in "A Poem which is not green, from my country"
    Because Sinbad is part of the Arab literary tradition ("1001 arabian nights") and as a Palrestinian he wants to affirm the imporatance and relevance that Palestine has to the rest of the Arab world
  24. In "A Season of Madness" why does the protagonist act like she's "Mad?"
    She fell in love with another man and wants to break apart the relationship but doesn't have the guts to do it herself so she wants to bum her husband out so he'll just leave her.
  25. What event brings upon the "madness" of the protagonist in "A Season of Madness?"
    She's fallen in love with another man
  26. Does the protagonist accomoplish what she desires in "a Season of Madness?"
    Not really
  27. What does the metaphor of the insect represent in Kafka's "Metamorphosis?"
    Insects are small, insignificant and viral. "Drones in a hive." The middle class. Urbanization. A bunch of shit.
  28. Is gregor's transformation an extension of his life in "The Metamorphosis?" Is the change gradual or sudden? Does he still have human characteristics?
    Internally he's still a human and still appreciates facets of human culture like art, but his outward appearance is that of an insect. He turned into an insect suddenly. He works so hard for his family to support them and they don't appreciate him, and then when he turns into an insect they outright reject him and kill him.
  29. How does Gregor react to his sister's violin playing in "The Metamorphosis?"
    He's moved by it. The boarders don't like it, but Gregor does
  30. Who really metamorphosed in the story?
    Gregor literally metamorhposed into an insect, but his family members changed as well. Their capacities enhanced and they also became more inhuman in their treatement and rejection of Gregor.
  31. Where their elements of humor in the story "the Metamorphosis?"
    Absolutely. Crazy shit happens to Gregor but all he can think about is getting to work. He dies when his father throws an apple at him. Crazy shit man.
  32. Can Gregor Samsa fly in "The Metamorphosis?"
    No, he's stuck there.
  33. How does "The Metamorphosis comment on Alienation and isolation?"
    Gregor can't communicatae iwth his family any longer. He's stuck in his room and no one can truly understand how he feels.
  34. What does "The Metamorphosis" say about relations within the family?
    His family doesn't appreciate him at all and is totally unfeeling.
  35. From the short account of Ms. Dalloway and her intention of buying gloves, what do we learn about her?
    She's worldly, materialistic, and probably just wants to ignore all of the bad things happening in the world.
  36. In "A Room of One's Own" why can't Mary Stetson raise much money for a women's college?
    She had to put all her time and energy into raising her children. Women also weren't allowed to control their own finances in this time. Since women couldn't really get a good job or position in society, there wasn't really any need for them to go to college to get occupational training. No one would fund it.
  37. What is the effect of Woolf's story about Shakespeare's sister Judith?
    It puts a different spin on the traditional idea of Shakespeare being a genius. It makes him seem like more of a scumbag.
  38. According to Virginia Woolf, where is genius found?
    Genius is found in the upper class because they have more time and resources and don't have to worry as much about providing for families and shit. Women had trouble attaiining this status as well.
  39. How does chastity figure into a woman's lack of writing? (according to Virginia Woolf?)
    Women aren't expected to have their own thoughts or experiences and so they'd have less to write about.
  40. Why is a woman writing like a dog walking on its hind legs according to Virginia Woolf?
    It's so absurd and astounding that people willl naturally stop and look in amazement. It'll seem so out of the ordinary.
  41. According to Virginia Woolf, why did women write novels and not poetry?
    Poetry requires a sense of concentration and discipline that men had and women didn't. Men had rooms of their own to write.
  42. How is Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" an answer to Yeats' "second coming?"
    Because it represents the end of the known world for Okonkwo and the dawn of a new one
  43. In "Things Fall apart" how did stories and proverbs factor into the Ibo culture?
    These proverbs forumlate their moral code and also this is how they learn their tribal history. "Proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten." They make things go down easier.
  44. What makes Okonkwo a great man and what are his weaknesses?
    He's strong and a succesful farmer. Unfortunately he can't let go of his own pride.
  45. Why did Achebe write "Things Fall Apart in English and not Igbo?"
    English is Achebe's native language and it was also able to get out to more people this way. It also provides a sort of foreshadowing relating to the British colonization of Africa.
  46. How is "Things Fall Apart" similar to a greek story?
    The hero has a tragic flaw.
  47. In "Things Fall Apart" what are the roles of women and men?
    Women are subservient to men. They cook and clean and just put up with shit.
  48. In "We Are Going" what is the author specifically referring to when he says they are going?
    He's talking about their culture disappearing and being replaced by white culture
  49. What are the main issues of the work "Going Home?"
    Racial tension and bigotry. Familial obligations.
  50. What is the second coming according to Yeats?
    An apocalyptic reversal of cultural sensibilities and ideals. The world is on a cyclical system of time and everything will go back to zero again every 2000 years or so
  51. How does Yeats own mythology figure into his own works?
    He's responsible for the idea of a "spiritus mundi" and also his theory on the second coming. He writes about these things that aren't necessarily derived from Greek or Roman mythology but he speaks of them with the same authority.
  52. Why is Yeats fascinated with Byzantium?
    Byzantium is the Eastern Orthodox capital of Christianity. Lots of mythological parallels too? It also represents a cultural change because it represents the shift from a pagan land into a Christian land and back again when captured by the Arabs.
  53. How does death and rebirth figure into the poetry of Yeats?
    His whole theory behind "The Second Coming" is similar. Also, the idea that the only way to stay truly immortalized yourself is through art.
  54. How to birds figure into Yeat's "Sailing to Byzantium?"
    Theophilus created golden mechanical birds that "lived forever" through their songs but were chained down by mechanics.
  55. In James Joyce's "The Dead" who is dead?
    Michael, the boy in the story is dead. Gabrieal is dead because he's emotionally unconnected with anything going on. Gabriel is also devoid of passion and so he's like a dead dude.
  56. In James Joyce's "The Dead" what is a west Briton?
    West Britons are those who don't appreciate or acknowledge their irish heritage.
  57. What time of year does James Joyce's story "The Dead" take place?
    Christmas time
  58. What can we tell about Gabriel Conroy from his speech in "The Dead?"
    He's intelligent and trained, but he's emotionally detached from most things.
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